Unexpected Fate / Page 94

Page 94


Cohen has Owen on his shoulder, Owen’s little fist holding tight to his father’s hair, and behind both of them flaps their matching capes.

My heroes.

My unexpected beautiful fate.

Cohen looks up, gives me a wink, and taps Owen’s knee with the hand that’s resting there. Owen looks up and gives me the biggest toothy grin.

“Mama! We faught awel does bad guys!”

“All of the bad guys? I’m so proud of you, my handsome man.”

“I wuv you!” he yells.

I look down at his face and smile. “And I you, son.”

They climb the stairs, and Owen drops from his father’s shoulders and rushes to his aunt’s side. I walk over to my husband, wrap my arms around him, and give him a deep kiss.

“I love you,” I tell him.

“And I you, my Dani-girl.”