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“You look cozy,” I hum. Walking around the couch, I slide onto Cohen’s lap and run my fingers over Owen’s silky-smooth skin. “How was he?”

“Fine, Dani-girl. Just like I told you he would be. You’re looking at the extent of our day of fun.”

“Oh, a little party animal, huh?” I joke.

“What did the doctor say?” Cohen asks, shifting his weight so that I can crawl into the chair next to him.

I place my head against his shoulder and look into Owen’s eyes. I lay my hand against his back, and Cohen’s rests over mine.

“Everything looks good on the healing end. He still wants me to wait a few more weeks before we resume any sexual activities or exercising. I think that, with everything that happened, he just wants to make sure my body has time to heal. Especially since I explained that our workouts tend to be a little . . . vigorous.”

“Vigorous, huh?” Cohen laughs. “Everything else looked okay though?”

“Yeah.” I pause and look up at him. “I talked to him about my separation anxiety, and he’s given me some antidepressant medication to take for a while. Given everything we’ve been through, I think it’s a good call. But I feel a lot better abut not being around Owen all of the time. Leaving today helped a lot.”

“I’m glad, baby. I was worried.”

“I know you were and I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry. I love that you love our boy so much that you don’t want to be without him, but you have to make sure that you’re taking care of yourself too. I can’t stand the thought of something happening to you, Dani-girl.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” I tell him—not for the first time.

“Yeah, baby, and neither is our boy.”

I look up at him, and I think for the first time that I really get what he’s trying to tell me and has been trying to impress upon me since we got home with Owen.

I nod my head and give him a smile before returning my head to his shoulder so that I can look into our boy’s eyes. I let the love I feel for both of these people wrap around me, and I fall asleep while Cohen holds us both safe within his arms.

OWEN’S TAKEN TO THE CHANGE from hospital to home like a champ. Though I’m not shocked that my son is perfect. He’s a calm baby who only fusses when he wants to eat. Or when he wants his mother’s attention, but I can’t fault him there. When I want his mother’s attention, I get fussy too. The first month home was a slight challenge. Between Dani’s not wanting and not feeling like she couldn’t leave our son and our getting used to having a little human to care for, we were slow in adjusting to our new life. Now, though? Now, we’re freaking pros.

Dani has gotten so much better about leaving Owen. It started small. The doctor visit, then a quick run to the store, and eventually, she was able to leave without thought. Of course, I think a lot of that had to do with her finally realizing that, by letting her fear consume her, she wasn’t able to enjoy the life we had.

I walk down the hall in search of my woman. She took Owen to his room to get him dressed for the day out, and I haven’t seen her in almost thirty minutes. Which usually means she’s breastfeeding.

Not shockingly, the sight of her breastfeeding my son has been a major turn-on for me. Since she isn’t clear for sex yet, the fact that I almost come in my pants when she pulls her swollen tits out and I see them leaking with milk . . . Yeah, she started leaving the room when Owen needed to eat after that. I have no clue why I find it so fucking hot, but when I see her tits leak, all I can think about is pushing them together and fucking her tits while her milk works as lube.

Goddamn, I need to go jerk off again. I press my hand against my cock—which is now standing at full attention—and continue my search for her. It’s been eight weeks; if I don’t have my wife soon, I might die. Literally die. From blue balls.

“Our mothers are on the way, Dani,” I say when I find her rocking in the glider in Owen’s nursery. I bend to kiss her before placing a kiss on Owen’s soft head. “And from what my dad said, they have every bridal magazine known to man. I told you—the court house is just a second away, baby.”

“I didn’t get my proposal. I’m getting my wedding,” she smarts.

“So I’ve been told. How much longer until you’re done planning this damn thing, Dani? I need you to be mine.”

She smiles but doesn’t answer. I give her another kiss before standing and walking out of Owen’s nursery. I’ve been summoned to the CS offices today, and it’s been a request I’ve put off for the month since we brought home Owen. Time to suck it up and leave my house—even if the thought of leaving Dani and Owen has my stomach in knots.

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