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“My girl likes that?” I ask and move my hand back down to her pussy. I rub my hand through her slit and rub our come into her skin. “Open,” I demand and wait for her to understand my meaning.

My fingers, wet and dripping with us, start moving towards her head, and without question, she opens her mouth wide and waits for my fingers.

When her warm lips close around two of my wet fingers and suck me hard, I almost come again.

“Fucking hell,” I groan.

“Mmmm,” she moans in return, and I look down to see her rubbing her legs together.

“Already?” I question.

“Always,” she retorts.

Fucking hell, indeed.

Hours later, with Dani passed out in my bed, I throw on some sweats and walk into the living room.

Chance sees me coming from his spot in the chair by the window and pulls off his Beats. “I take it I can remove these now?” he asks with a raised brow.

“She’s asleep if that’s what you’re asking.”

“She isn’t screaming, so that’s my answer.”

“Did you find out anything?” I question, ignoring his comment.

“Nothing you’re going to like.”

“Well, fucking give it to me.” I spit in his direction.

“Questioned each person who was in the salon when that package came. So far, I’ve been able to sit down with everyone except two people. Don W. Johnson—one personal assistant to Devon Westerfield—and one of their cameramen. That’s as far as I’ve gotten. I looked into the background checks Axel had run when they first started coming around, but so far, nothing is sticking out. Devon, the producer, is being as helpful as he can. My gut tells me that he is no threat. His other assistant, Mark Seymour, has also been very forthcoming. He and Dani had struck up a friendship and he was very concerned about how she is fairing in light of all of this. He did mention that Don wasn’t too happy about Dani being pregnant. Something about it putting a wrench into their filming.”

“I see,” I tell him, careful to calm myself before I snap about some douchebag being close with Dani.

“I’ll keep digging.”

“You do that,” I tell him. “I’m taking Dani to look at houses next week. Are you sure you’re cool with this?” I ask, knowing that, even though he’s a loner as of late, that isn’t something he deals with well. Chance has his own issues, but I know that the front he puts on for the world to see isn’t the man I know.

“I’m not going to swallow a bottle of pills or cut my wrist because my buddy is moving out, Cohen. I’ll be fine. Plus, I won’t be around much anyway. We’ve picked up some big clients lately at CS and I’ll be doing some bodyguard work until we can train more men.”

“You’ll let me know if the nightmares come back?” I ask.

“Fuck,” he sighs and rubs the back of his neck. “Yeah, all right, I’ll fucking let you know.” He stands from his chair and walks over to the desk in the corner of the room, grabbing some papers and tossing them to me. “Printed the ones I felt would fit what you two need. Some I grabbed are a little more than you’ll be needing right away, but with the way you two go at it, you’ll need the space.”

I look down, confused, and laugh when I see the handful of printouts of houses for sale he gave me. “Thanks, brother.”

“Yeah,” he mumbles and walks down the hall.

I wait until I hear his door click shut before I laugh to myself and toss them down on the coffee table before I pad back down the hall and climb back in bed with Dani in my arms.

“I’M NOT SEEING HOW A house this big is something we need, Cohen.” I look up at the large colonial house and my eyes hit every window—and there are many—and I look over to my left at the four-car garage that sits at an angle to the house. “Four cars seems like overkill.”

“Nah,” Cohen says and grabs my hand before pulling me up the front steps.

We’ve been house-hunting for the last three weeks and I’m over it. True to his word, he hasn’t left me for a second. He came with me a few days after it was decided for me that I would move in with him and helped my brother and Lee move all of my stuff back out of the townhome I shared with the girls and into his apartment. Lee thought it was hilarious, and after Nate got over trying to act like our dad when it came to Cohen and me, he joined in and thought that my being basically kidnapped was the funniest thing he had ever seen.

Of course, that was after I kneed him in the balls.

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