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“Agreed,” Greg says forcefully.

“I agree with what Cohen’s said. You need to stop working for a little while. Stay home and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. After the baby is born, then you can decide what to do about work, but until this fucker is caught, it would make everyone feel a lot better if we could limit the people you’re around. Being at Sway’s with everything going on with clients in and out as well as that show being filmed, just isn’t safe.”

I nod, seeing the reason in this.

“I’m not going to say that I agree with you two moving in together, but I know Cohen is trained well to take care of you and he’s proven that he’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep you safe in my eyes. Kills me, baby, to admit this, but you’re better off staying put right here.”

Oh wow. “That must have been hard to say,” I say, trying to make light of how big this moment is.

“You have no idea.” He smiles.

I look up at Cohen and give him a smile before I move to climb off his lap. He lets me go without argument, and I walk over, bend, and wrap my arms around my daddy’s neck.

“You’ll always be the first man I loved, Daddy.”

“I know, little princess. I know.”

I swallow the lump in my throat, kiss his tan cheek, and walk back over to Cohen. When I feel his arms wrap around my body again, I let their strength soak in, and I listen as the men in the room go about what the best course of action from here on out is.

I don’t think I’ll feel settled until the invisible threat around me is gone, but right here, in this moment, I feel as safe as I’ve ever felt in my life because I’m wrapped up in the arms of the man I love.

“DO YOU WANT MY COCK or my mouth, Dani?” I ask and trail my fingers down the center of her collarbone and between the valley of her tits.

“Your cock, baby,” she pleads.

“Do you want my cock in your pussy or your ass?” I question, continuing my path down her body until my fingers dance over the smooth skin on her mound.

“My pussy?”

“You don’t sound so sure about that, baby,” I murmur and dip my finger into her body. “Although your cunt is begging for it. Is your ass going to milk my fingers if I dip them in deep?” I ask, pumping my fingers into her wet center.

“Ye-yes,” she stutters.

“I’m sure it would, but right now, I want my cock right here,” I say and curl my fingers until I hit that spot that has her juices running down my fingers and down her crack. “So responsive.”

I pull my fingers out of her body, and she watches with heated eyes as I pop them in my mouth and hum.

“Fucking taste so good.”

I push my fingers back in and give her a few hard pumps before I take them and offer them to her mouth, wiping her juices along the seam of her lips before she opens and sucks them clean.

“Fuck,” I groan and move so that my cock is rubbing against her.

Her legs drop open and she starts to rock with my hips. My cock ring and other piercings make her cry out each time they roll over her clit.

“Do you want me hard or do you want me soft?” I ask, rocking even harder when those hot fucking mewling sounds start climbing up her throat.

“Soft . . . and hard,” she pants.

“Yeah,” I say and pull my hips back, and when I line up, I push home in one slow thrust. Her eyes go glossy and her moan is long. “Yeah, baby. Soft and hard.”

I give her what she wants. Soft thrusts until my balls can’t take it any longer. The second I feel her walls start to flutter and I know she’s seconds away from coming apart in my arms, I start to slam into her hard enough that the headboard bangs against the wall. She takes every thrust I have, and right before I feel my balls tighten, she throws her head back and screams my name loud enough that the sound pierces my ears painfully. My climax tears through my body, and my cock is milked dry by her tight walls.

After a few more thrusts to feel her walls quivering against my sensitive cock, I pull out and lean back on my knees to watch our combined come drip out of her body.

“Fuck that’s hot. I wish you could fucking see us falling out of your body,” I tell her.

I bring my hand to her pussy and thrust my finger deep into her still-shuddering cunt. When I pull my finger out, it’s gleaming with our joined come, and I look past her rapidly falling chest to meet her wide, turned-on eyes.

“You see how fucking hot we are together?”

She nods, and her eyes darken to the hunter-green color they always take when she’s turned on.

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