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“Scream, Dani. Scream until my ears ring,” he says, and without warning, he flips me so that my knees are on the mattress. He’s mindful to keep my stomach off the bed, placing a pillow between my body and the soft sheets.

I hear a noise and then feel cool liquid rolling down from the top of my ass until it rolls onto the mattress. His fingers move from where he was holding my hips in place, and I feel him rub the lube until his fingers and my crack are slippery.

His fingers dip slowly and deep into my ass, scissoring and stretching my hole to take his cock. The feeling burns in pleasure and makes me feel a delicious fullness. His other hand squirts some more lube, this time gathering some on his fingers. I lean up on my hands and look over my shoulder to see his head thrown back, his teeth digging into his bottom lip, and his other arm—the one not thrusting two fingers into my ass—stroking his cock.

He looks down, locks eyes with me, and pulls his fingers from my dark hole. When I feel the steel of his piercing against my body, I tense and his eyes flash.

“Don’t do that. Fucking beg me, Dani,” he commands.

I take a deep breath, and before I can get the words out, I feel his palm against my ass, the feeling startling but not unpleasant. I moan and do as he said, begging him to take me.

“Yeah. That’s what I want to hear. Louder, Dani.” His words slur, and I feel him press harder against my body. “Make me believe you.”

I do as he said, my body once again feeling like a coil that is being pulled too tight.

“Just. Like. That!” he roars before slowly pushing himself into my body. “Push out, baby. Push against me and take my cock.”

The burn is almost too much. I can feel each of the piercings that line his cock until he’s settled in as deep as he can go, and the one piercing that’s left is pressed against my stretched hole. It hurts in a way that is so all consuming, and I scream out with the pleasure that his pain brings me.

“So fucking good,” he pants, pulling out just an inch before rocking into my body again. “Made for my cock.”

I cry out, scream just as he predicted, and hold on for dear life as he builds up his speed until he’s pushing into my body in a pace that has me feeling like I can’t breathe.

“So full of my cock, Dani-girl. Your ass is begging for it.”

Thrust out and push in. Each time, gaining speed until I’m not sure if I’m even breathing anymore.

“God. Damn.” His fingers dig into my hips before I feel his fingers circling my clit, and just like that—with that one simple touch—I explode in the most powerful orgasm my body has ever felt. My head is thrown back and his name is the last thing on my lips as my body milks his cock of every ounce of come he has left.


One second, I was begging for my girl to forgive me. The next, I was demanding that she beg me for my cock.

I took my pregnant woman rough and hard. And I didn’t just fuck her. No, I took one look at her body, ripe with the pregnancy of my child, and lost my fucking mind.

I move from behind her, careful that her spent body doesn’t fall onto her stomach, and lay her on her side. After jumping off the bed, I walk to the bathroom to clean myself off. As I wash my cock with a warm washcloth, I look in the mirror at my flushed skin. Sweat is beading down my chest, and my cock is still impossibly hard even after having just come twice.

After making sure I cleaned myself off, I run a new washcloth under the warm water and walk back over to the bed. Her eyes are closed, and her chest is moving up and down in a slow rhythm. My eyes trail down her flushed neck, and when I see my come dry on her skin—all over her long neck and tits—my cock jumps. Fuck, that’s hot.

I bring the washcloth to her skin and almost hate that I have to wipe myself off her body. She doesn’t even flinch as I clean her chin, neck, and tits. Not even a twitch when I rub the warm cotton over the ass I just fucked hard. She does hum in her sleep, but other than that, nothing.

I use this time to take in her body. Her belly looks so large now that I’m getting a good look. Her slim body makes her look like she swallowed a ball. When I think again about our child growing inside her, I want to fuck her all over again. It’s as if it wakes some primal desire to claim her that was dormant until now.

After tossing the dirty washcloth towards my hamper, I climb into the bed and pull the sheets over her body. My hand goes straight to her belly, and when I feel little bumps against my palm, my eyes go wide.

That. That right there is my child. A child I made with Dani.

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