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“This right here makes me the happiest man in the world, Dani. Seeing you swollen with my child. Knowing that part of me is inside of you right now is one of the hottest things ever. God, I fucking love you,” he groans.

His hands roll over my stomach before those sinful fingers move back up to my bra. In one deft move, the clasp is flicked and my breasts spill free.

“These tits. Fuck, Dani. I’m going to fuck these tits,” he promises before he bends down to take one nipple between his teeth for a light nip before soothing the pain with his tongue. “I’m going to fuck them until I come all over your chest, baby. Then I’m going to eat you until your juices are running down my chin. And when you’re begging me for it, I’ll give you my cock.” His mouth returns to my other nipple, and he flicks his tongue over it before pressing his lips around the tight bud and sucking it deep.

“Shit,” I moan, feeling my pussy clench and literally weep for him. “I need you,” I beg.

“Not yet,” he says around my sensitive nipple. His breath causes me to shudder. “I’m gonna fuck these tits first.”

He leans up and squeezes each globe together a few times, pressing them tightly together before letting them go, and he licks his lips when they bounce to the side. “Yeah, I’m going to fuck these tits.”

I cry out when I feel his hips leave mine. My eyes widen when he jumps off the bed and all but rips his clothes off. When he moves his hands to his waist and pushes his jeans and boxer briefs off in one swift move, his cock springs out and bumps against his stomach. His long, thick length is swollen with need, and I can see the drop of semen rolling down the hoop through the head. He pumps his cock roughly as his eyes trail over me.

“You need to be naked, baby. The second I feel your body against mine, I won’t be able to stop. And those”—he points to my skirt and panties—“will be in my way,” he growls.

I yelp when he jumps onto the bed and causes me to jolt. His fingers go to my waist, and I feel him roughly pulling the fabric from my body. He gives my mound a quick kiss that leaves me begging harder before he straddles my body and starts to climb up. His cock is pointing angrily at my face as he carefully moves over my rounded belly, his hands bracing the headboard to ensure that no extra weight falls on me. I bend my head and lick the top of his cock, and he groans long and low.

“Yeah, I’m going to fuck the hell out of these beautiful tits,” he says. “Squeeze them tight, baby.”

I do as he requested and push them together so that his cock is nestled between them. He closes his eyes and drops his head forward. Beads of sweat roll down his face and drop from his chin onto my chest.

His hips start to rock, slowly at first, until he picks up his thrusting. “Squeeze your tits harder,” he grinds out. “Fuck me. Been so long,” he says on another groan.

I never imagined that being titty-fucked would be so hot, but with each thrust, the piercings through his hard cock rubbing against the inside of my tits and the tip of his cock just a breath away from my mouth, I find my mouth filling with saliva and just begging to take his length in deep. The quicker he moves, the more my fingers squeeze each nipple until I’m only seconds from coming.

“God damn,” he breathes.

I lean my head down and open my mouth so that, with each thrust up, the head of his cock is inside my mouth. His movements start to falter after that, and with one powerful groan, he pulls back and takes his cock in his hand. After a few pumps, I feel his warm semen coating each tit and hitting my chin. I reach up, swipe at his come, and stick my finger deep in my mouth, watching his eyes burn as I lick away every drop.

“I want my come on your tits while I eat you, Dani,” he demands before moving his body down and latching his mouth firmly against my swollen and weeping clit.

“Fuck me!” I scream.

“I will,” he rumbles against my core. “I fucking will and you’re going to be begging for it until your screams are shaking my windows, Dani.”

“Now, please,” I whine, not even ashamed at the pathetic tone my wanting has brought forth. “God, please . . . I need to be full of you.”

“Fuck, that mouth. Now I want my cock in your mouth.” He moves his mouth from my sensitive clit and gives me a long lick before nibbling along my swollen lips. Each bite of his teeth has me whimpering louder.

“Give it to me . . . Give it to me . . . Please,” I pant.

He ignores my begging, sucking along the seam and licking the wetness that leaks from my pussy. He feasts on my body like a starved man. When his tongue probes into my body, my walls clamp down, looking for anything to grab hold of.

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