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“You taste so fucking good,” I moan, nipping her lips and the inside of her thighs with my teeth, causing her to scream out. “I can’t wait to have my cock deep inside this cunt.” And with that, I return my mouth to her body and I don’t stop until she is screaming my name and coming against my tongue.

Only I lied and I make her go three times before I climb off the floor, grab her boneless body by the shoulders, and pull her with me deep into the bed. I don’t give her a second to pull back before I drop my mouth to hers and spread her juices against her chin and lips. She kisses me with a hunger that matches my own, and I’m not sure if it’s because she is just as worked up as I am or if the taste of herself on my mouth has her just that much hotter for me.

“Do you want my cock?” I ask.

“No,” she pants. “I need your cock,” she says breathlessly.

“Fuck yeah, you do.”

Completely lost in the ecstasy of Dani, I absentmindedly stretch a condom over my cock, careful of the jewelry that was being laughed at earlier, and then I reach down, line up our bodies, and push myself balls-deep with one measured thrust. It isn’t until she cries out, in pain and not pleasure, that I realize what I just did. Or better yet, what I didn’t do, because if I had known I was her first, I damn sure would have had a little more finesse.

“Shit, Dani-girl. Fuck. Why didn’t you tell me?” I take her head between my hands and will her to open eyes that she had slammed shut when I entered her body, and look at me so I know she’s okay. My cock, still hard and deep within her tight pussy, is begging me to start thrusting. Demanding that I start to take her in the way my body has craved. But right now, I need to make sure she’s okay, and there is no way that my body humping her like an animal will be anything close to okay. “Baby, look at me.”

“I’m okay,” she whispers, rolling her hips experimentally. “I just needed to get past that pain, but really . . . I’m okay.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I search her face, knowing she’s brushing the pain under the rug. “If I had known . . .” I shake my head, because in reality, I was just so drunk on her that I’m not sure I could have stopped. “Baby, you have to talk to me.”

She huffs out a breath, her cheeks getting red with embarrassment. “What would you have liked me to say? ‘Hey, Cohen . . . before you finally fuck me, just thought you should know I’m a pathetic twenty-one-year-old virgin.’ You know, stereotypical romance novel bullshit where the chick gets the guy only for him to freak when he realizes she is ‘an innocent.’ Then he runs as fast as he can because he wouldn’t dream of ruffling a few feathers. News flash, bucko! I wanted my feathers ruffled. And I wanted them ruffled by you!” Her chest heaves when she stops talking, and her eyes go wide. “Did I just say all of that?”

“Yeah, Dani-girl. You sure did.” I laugh and adjust my hips. My cock, still buried deep inside her body, twitches with the movement. “Just so we’re clear here, I wouldn’t have run the other way. I would have been more careful when I took you.”

“Right. Well, can you shut up and fuck me now?” she whines when I shift again, and I feel the ring through my cock head brush against her womb.

I laugh, and her eyes narrow.

“Does it still hurt?” I ask with all seriousness.

“It wouldn’t if you would move!” Her eyes are hooded and her breath is coming in quick pants by the time she finishes her sentence.

Her pussy clenches down when I shift again, and I drop my head to her neck to give her a little bite. She rewards me by hiking her legs around my back, hooking her ankles, and digging her nails into my shoulders on a moan. I pull back and rest my forehead against hers so that I can look into her eyes as I take her. Take what is mine and mine alone.

God, it feels better than I thought it would to know that no other man has ever been here.

I pull out just an inch before pushing back in and she doesn’t flinch. She is looking at me with complete love. I pull back a little more each time, and it isn’t long before my body is thrusting into hers in quick successions. I wish I could make this better for her, but her pussy is so tight that it was milking my cock before I even started to move, and now that I have, I know I won’t last long.

I reach down between us and start to put pressure on her clit. The second my fingers start to move in sync with my thrusts, her screams get louder, and it’s only seconds before she throws her head back and my name is leaving her swollen lips as she comes long and hard around my cock.

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