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I feel my cock grow painfully hard when I watch her hands grab her small tits and pinch her nipples. If it weren’t for the slight tremble in her hands, I would believe this fearless act.

“Baby, stop doing that or it’s going to be over before it starts.” I groan when she withers against the mattress. “God, that’s hot.”

Her eyes blaze. My words give her the push she needs. “Stop doing what?” she laughs. Then she trails one hand down her slim stomach and wastes no time dipping her middle finger into her core.

“Fucking hell,” I grunt, reaching for my belt.

Her eyes burn with need with each move my fingers make as I deftly remove my belt, pull my shirt over my head, and start unbuttoning each button on my jeans.


So achingly slowly.

So slowly that I can feel each second as if it were a drum beating through the room.

She continues to dip one finger in and out of her soaked pussy. Daring me with each thrust to take her, finish what she’s started. The hunger inside me is starting to take over, cloud my vision with one goal in mind.


Take and take until there isn’t anything left for her to give me.

Her eyes widen when I pull my cock out of my pants and let them fall down my legs before I kick them aside. Those beautiful eyes of hers move from my cock and up to meet my eyes. Once, twice, and one final time before her movements still and she throws her head back and laughs.

Laughing at my cock.

Never has that happened to me before.

I look down to make sure that nothing’s happened to him since I so carefully tucked him in this afternoon, but I don’t see anything standing out. Same thick, tan skin. Same groomed manscaping.

And then it hits me. I drop my head, and with a heat of embarrassment flushing over my already fevered skin, I know what is going through her head, and it’s just as funny as she thinks it is.

“You . . . Oh my God. You did it. Oh, wow,” she hoots, choking on her words from laughing so hard.

“Can’t say I’ve ever had a chick laugh at my cock before, Dani-girl.”

“Well, I’m not just any chick! It’s not my fault that . . . that . . . Jesus, Cohen, our parents tell stories about you always talking about that . . . well, THAT!” She finishes by pointing to my dick, which I’m still stroking even though she is basically laughing at the poor thing. “How many do you have, Cohen?”

“Enough.” I smirk, sobering her instantly when she sees the intent in my eyes. “Enough that there is no fucking way you’re going to be complaining when they’re inside of you. You’re going to love it, Dani. Each time I push in deep, you’ll feel all four of them against your tight walls. You’ll be begging me to take you harder so that the bar right here,” I say, pointing to the one at the base of my dick, “rubs your swollen clit and the hoop knocks on your core. Each time I push in, you’re going to feel them rubbing your tight walls. I’ll have you begging for more, but for right now, it’s just enough.”

I bend down, grab her ankles while I pull her body to the edge of the bed, and spread her legs wide in the air. I hum my approval when I see just how wet her pussy is. She’s practically weeping with her need for my cock.

“Dani-girl. Do you want my tongue or my cock?” I ask while trailing both of my hands down the legs I’m still holding wide. My fingertips lightly tease the skin behind her knees, traveling closer to where I want to bury my face—and then my cock.

She rolls her eyes back and moans but doesn’t answer me. That’s fine. I’ll just give her both. Pulling her by her hips, I kneel on the floor. Then I smile up at her when she lifts up on her elbows to watch me.

“I’m going to eat you until you come in my mouth. Then I’m going to eat some more. And only then will I climb up this perfect fucking body and give you my cock. One thing you need to remember though, Dani-girl.”

She holds my gaze, her skin flushed but her eyes alert.

“When I slam my cock inside your body, when my balls slap against your ass, when I finally take you, it means you’re mine. Do you understand that?”

“God, yes,” she pants. “Yes, anything . . . yes.”

“That’s good, baby,” I hum and then lower my face to her pussy.

The first swipe of my tongue has her flavor bursting against my taste buds, and I groan before latching on and pulling her clit deep in my mouth. After playing with her until she’s screaming and seconds from her release, I pull back, loving the feeling of her trying to push my head back down with her hands.

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