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“The truth would be nice. Is this just some game to you? Or is this more? I’m not asking for the world, Coh . . . but I don’t think that I can just give myself to you if it doesn’t mean something to you. I’m so confused with your no-and-then-yes games.”

I don’t answer right away. I need to make sure she understands me, and there is no way I can get my point across if she is staring out the window and freaking out instead of looking at me. I need to see her eyes, to know that she is here with me and not running into her head to hide.

After parking the truck, I pull my seat belt off before reaching over and undoing hers. She looks over at me sharply before I grab her and pull her into my lap. My hands instantly go towards her face so I can hold her attention. My fingertips dance against her silky hair, her cheeks feel warm against my palms, and those stunning eyes stare out at me—she looks terrified out of her mind.

“You silly girl,” I laugh. “What are you so scared of? I’m not the big, bad wolf. Although, I wouldn’t be opposed to eating you up.”

“Oh, God, that was corny,” she chuckles.

“You would like that though, wouldn’t you? Do you want me to eat you first, or do you want to be my Little Red Riding Hood and go for a long, hard ride?”

“Oh. God. Stop, Cohen. Those lines . . . They’re terrible.”

I snicker before leaning in and giving her a hard, bruising kiss. I don’t take my time, but I do make sure that, with that one kiss, I dominate her mind.

“You wanted to talk, baby, so let’s talk.” Now that I’ve loosened the mood up a little, it’s time to lay this out there so she doesn’t have any confusion that I want her.

“I don’t think I can. Not with you . . . with your . . . Jesus Christ.” She starts to rub against my erection and drops her head back to rest in my hands, which are still framing her face.

“How about this?” I groan when she starts to grind down harder against my throbbing cock. “How about we get upstairs before I fuck you in my truck? I’m ready to play, Dani-girl, and there won’t be anything quick about it. You either start talking now or get the hell up and in my bed.”

“Bed,” she pants, giving me another hard rotation of her hips against my lap.

I crush my lips against hers and help her ride out a few more rolls of her hips, pushing up against her to give her just enough friction to drive her insane, before pulling the door open and grabbing her hand.

“Last chance. Once I get you through that door, I guarantee I won’t be able to stop.”

“If you stop right now, Cohen Cage, I’m going to die.”

I laugh and bend at the waist, and with a shoulder to her belly, she’s up and over as I take off up the four flights of stairs as fast as I can with her giggles trailing behind us.

IT SHOULD BE SAID THAT I have fantasized about this moment for years. Right or wrong, it’s the cold, hard truth. I’ve wanted this woman in every way possible, and tonight, I will finally get to stop craving and take.

Dani Reid has been the spotlight of every jack-off session I’ve ever had. Recently, those sessions have gotten a lot more play. She’s consumed my mind. I keep picturing what color her nipples will be. How her pussy would glisten with her juices when I spread her legs wide. How it would taste to sink my tongue between those swollen lips. What kind of pussy would she have? Would it be bare? Maybe she would have a hint of that burnt-brunette hair I can’t wait to wrap around my fist when I’m pounding into her from behind.

Every single image I’ve made up in my mind pales in comparison to the real thing. Seeing her body spread out against my black sheets, every inch of her tan skin covered in a slight blush, which I know isn’t from embarrassment from being nude before me, but from her arousal. And Christ, the smell of her. When she stood before me and removed her clothing like she didn’t have a shred of inhibition, I almost swallowed my tongue. Then she laid herself down on my bed, spread her legs, and let me take my fill. That was when her scent—that mouthwatering smell of her arousal—hit my senses. I take another deep breath and groan when my mouth waters.

“I was going to take my time and enjoy every second of this, but if I don’t taste you right now, I’m going to go out of my mind. I need your pussy against my tongue and your come in my mouth. Tell me I can have you, Dani.” I lick my lips and wait for her to respond.

Her eyes darken, that beautiful light green turning an emerald shade, and she nods her head. “I think you’re a little overdressed though,” she says confidently.

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