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She looked so beautiful when I walked in this afternoon. Her body showcased in those short-as-hell shorts. Those perky tits I love so much standing out in her tight tank. And those heels. God, what I wouldn’t give to know what it felt like to have them digging into my back as I pounded into her.

It took everything I had not to rush her right then and there. But I stuck to my guns and kept my determination to stand back. If things were still there when I got home, then we would explore this.

“What am I doing?” I mumble to myself, jumping off the stage and into the party that had been going on around us, careful to hide the fact that my cock is about to claw its way off my body to run back to Dani.

Cam spots me and shakes his head. Colt, who’s standing next to him, gives me a thumbs-up, which I return with my middle finger. He and Cam laugh so loud that I can hear them across the room and over the music.

It takes me a second to get through everyone and to the table I left Megan at. She looks just about as miserable as she was this morning when I stopped by to make sure she was okay. Jack should have been shipping off with us, and I know that’s a fact that hasn’t escaped her notice. It’s been hard since we lost him, but no one has suffered harder than Megan. Well, maybe their four-year-old daughter, who keeps asking for her daddy.

A little over a week ago, she called me because she needed help with something around the house. When I got there and saw just how bad things had gotten, I stepped in and continued to stop by—just basically made sure she knew she wasn’t alone.

“Hey, Megs,” I say with a smile.

I drop down in the chair next to her and look over at Chance, who has been keeping her company—or as he likes to call it, “watch duty.” Chance, like I did, served with Megan’s husband.

I think I’ve always known that I would eventually join Corps Security. When my aunt Melissa got custody of me after my mom died—then, shortly after, met Greg—it didn’t take long before I was adopted by both and calling them Mom and Dad. They have been a huge part of my life, and I honestly look at them both as my real parents. I was around three when they started dating. He has helped shape me into the man I am today. Since then, I’ve come a long way from the little boy who wore a cape everywhere and wouldn’t shut up about dick piercings.

“Hey, Coh.”

She looks at me briefly before turning her attention back to the people around us. I lean back and take in the room. Since all the parents ran out before things could get a little crazy, the makeshift dance floor is crowded with the pulsing bodies of my closest family and friends. The room is full of people enjoying life. That is all she would see. Happiness she doesn’t have anymore.

“Are you ready to get out of here? I think Chance has been ready for a few hours now.” I laugh when he nods an emphatic yes.

“I am, but I don’t want to take you away from your family right now. You should enjoy your time home before you leave.”

“And I will, Megs. I can come back, or Chance can take you home.”

It takes me a little longer than I would like to get Megan to agree to go home with Chance. He’ll make sure she gets home, takes a sleeping pill, and is okay before he heads back to our apartment.

I stop over with my sisters to let them know I’m leaving with the truck and to catch a ride with Cam and Colt. They don’t pay any attention to me, but they nod their heads. After checking with my brothers one last time to make sure they know to take the girls to their house before they head home, I head to my last stop and that red curtain hiding my prize is just within my reach.

I might be crazy for this. Hell, if Axel found out that I was about to drag his little princess off to my apartment for a night of debauchery, he would cut my dick off. Or maybe chain me to the back of his big-ass truck by my Prince Albert. Not exactly a pleasant thought. I reach down and rub my poor junk at the thought.

“You sure about this?” I hear right before I’m about to walk up the side stairs that will take me back to the cloaked darkness behind the curtain.

I look over to see Liam leaning against the wall, his arms crossed over his chest, but no doubt he would push off and attempt to kick my ass if he felt I was about to hurt Dani.

“Liam, mind your business.”

“Yeah, that’s not going to happen. That girl back there, the one you left ten minutes ago, doesn’t think you’re coming back. I would have known that even if I hadn’t peeked behind the curtain to see if she was okay. I’ll give you this time because I can tell you had every intention of coming back to her, but you hurt her again and, friend or not, family or not, I’ll fucking kill you.” He ends his rant by stepping right into my personal space, and it’s taking every ounce of control I have not to punch him right in the face. “She’s my best friend, Cohen,” he whispers. “You aren’t stupid. You know how deep she feels for you, and if you would take two seconds to not be terrified about it going bad, you would be able to admit you feel the same way. Either do something about it or leave her alone so she can get over you.”

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