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“This is the penthouse,” I tell her, “and the apartment beneath is untenanted.”

Her brow furrows as I glance up at her. “So?”

I keep my eyes on hers as I touch my lips her pudendum, then her thigh. “So feel free to scream as loud as you want.”

I nudge at her inner thigh with my nose and her stance widens, and then I dive in, my tongue going to her hard little clit and lapping at it slowly.


“Balance for me, babe,” I tell her.

“What?” she gasps. I grab her left ankle and lift. She leans so her weight is on her right foot, and her hand goes to the wall on her left. I drape her knee over my shoulder and suction my lips to her pussy. “Oh shit. Oh my god, Adam.”

Her hips angle forward and her left heel hooks around my back, opening herself to me even further. I taste her essence on my tongue, musky and sweet. Her hands are in my hair and holding the back of my head, her breath coming in short gasps. I don’t draw it out or toy with her. I slide one hand up to her ass and clutch one of the globes, keeping her core against me, and I bring the fingers of my other hand to my chin, find her opening and slide in, one finger first. She’s wet and hot and tight around my finger, and I slide it in, then out, setting a synched rhythm of finger and tongue, and she’s gasping even louder now, a whine at the back of her throat coming with each exhale. Her hips angle forward and pull back, and I can feel the leg supporting her weight trembling.

“I can’t—I can’t…ohgodohgod, Adam—” she groans, and her spine bows out, pushing her tits forward and her hips into me, her core harder against my face.

I know she can’t possibly come while standing on one leg, so when I sense that she’s close, both to the edge of orgasm and the end of her ability to balance, I stand up, keeping her left leg in my hand, around my waist. I bend at the knees and lift her right leg. She stares at me in obvious surprise as I lift her and support her weight with my hands under her ass.

“Adam, you’re going to break your back, you idiot,” she says, wrapping her arms around my neck as if afraid I’ll drop her.

She’s not light, but I carry her easily across the apartment to the couch. I set her down and kneel between her thighs. She’s shaking all over.

“I was so close,” she murmurs.

“Yeah? How close?” I ask, nuzzling at her thighs, kissing my way toward her core.

“Right there. Couple more seconds…”

“You want it, babe? You want me to make you come?”

She palms the back of my neck. “Yes, god yes. Please…”

I pause with my face inches from her core. “Then let me see you take off that bra. Show me those gorgeous tits of yours, Des.” She leans forward and reaches behind her back, frees the strap and slides one arm out, then other, and then she’s tossing the undergarment onto the coffee table. I make a low sound in my throat, a moan of appreciation. “God, you’re perfect. Look at them, Des. Big, round, soft—”

“Just like the rest of me,” she jokes.

I reach up and strum a nipple with my thumb, and she gasps. “You’re sexy, Des. I don’t care what words you want to use to describe yourself. You’re beautiful all over. Here—” I flick my tongue against her clit, “…Here—” and I lift up to suck her rigid pink nipple into my mouth and flatten it between my tongue and the roof of my mouth, “and here—” I release her nipple and find her mouth with mine, driving my tongue between her lips.

I slide my hand up her thigh, over the side of her hip, up her ribs, caress her back, and then pull her into the kiss with my hand at the back of her head, and then break the kiss to tap her temple. “And you’re beautiful here.” I bring my palm down, over her breast to where I can feel her heart beating. “And here.”

“God, Adam.” She leans back, her eyes full of emotion. Her fingertips touch my cheeks, drag down to my jaw, and then wrap around the back of my neck. “Shut up and make me come.” She pushes my head toward her core.

I bury my face between her thighs, and she draws her knees apart, leans back against the couch, moaning in relief as I suck her clit between my lips and slip my middle finger into her channel. Her hips roll as I suckle, and then I flick my tongue and move my head in a circle, faster and faster.

And yet, when I feel her tense, I slow. She groans in frustration, which turns into a whimper when I curl my finger inside her, and then add my ring finger inside her. I start a slow in-and-out motion with my two fingers, curling at the in-thrust to scrape at her high inner wall. I glance up at her, and her eyes are closed, the corner of her lower lip between her teeth, a desperate expression on her face. I return my attention to her pussy, reaching up with my free hand to pinch and roll her nipple between forefinger and thumb until she’s moaning and her hips are writhing and I feel her walls clamp down around my fingers. Her body quivers, straightens, and she lets out a small scream. One of her knees and then the other hooks over my shoulder, and she lifts free of the couch cushion completely, writhing against my face as I devour her, my tongue circling her wildly, fingers fucking her steadily. Her hips grind, moving against my fingers and mouth and she’s gasping breathless shrieks as wave after wave of orgasmic bliss wash over her.

I’m hard, achingly hard from eating her out, from the sight of her nude perfection and the taste of her essence and the sounds of her climax. I need her. I need her pussy around my cock, her mouth on mine, her hands on my skin. Except I’m fully clothed still, and I realize I don’t have any condoms. I used the last I had with Des six months ago and never bought more.

She comes down from her climax and goes limp against the couch. I move to sit beside her, and kiss her shoulder, her chest, her throat, unable to keep my hands or mouth off her. I caress her waist, her hip, kiss between her breasts.

“Adam, wait.” She pushes me away. “My turn.”

She grabs the lower hem of my shirt and peels it off, tosses it aside.

She sees my bruises and gasps. “Adam…? What happened?”

I shake my head. “Just a stunt. I’m fine, don’t worry about it.”

She eyes me. “You’re sure? I don’t want to hurt you.”

I reach for her. “Babe, the only thing that hurts is how bad I need you.”

“Then let’s get you naked,” she breathes.

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