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Author: Jodi Ellen Malpas

Today my heart started beating again.

Today you became mine.

I press my lips together and watch as he moves across to an image of me seated in the long grass of The Manor’s grounds in my wedding dress, top to toe in ivory lace and with the sun shooting bullets of light through the trees behind me. I’m looking away, probably at the photographer. Again, Jesse gets up close to the wall, and then moves away, chewing the end on the pen. He’s drawn a perfect halo above my head and written;

My beautiful girl.

My defiant temptress.

My lady.

My angel.

My Ava.

I smile and step forward, taking the pen from his mouth and dragging him from his daydream. I replace the lid and drop it to the floor, then gracefully climb up him until I’m wrapped around his big body.

His palms are cupping my bum and his eyes and burning into mine. ‘Ava, today has been the longest fucking day of my life.’

‘Longer than the last longest day?’

‘Each day gets longer. I’ve gotten too used to having you twenty four seven. I believe that I owe you some special time.’ Those words have me pushing his suit jacket from his arms and my lips crashing to his, ravenously. ‘Easy,’ he warns gently, moving each arm in turn so I can rid him of his jacket. ‘What’s the rush?’

I force my lips to slow their devouring of him—easier said than done when I haven’t had him for two full days. ‘It’s been too long.’ I mumble, pulling at his tie, probably strangling him in the process, but I’m not releasing his lips to confirm it.

‘Hey,’ He’s pulling at my limbs, trying to pry me from him. I’m not making it easy for him, although it’s not long before I’m on my feet again, breathing heavy and with no contact. He steps back and pulls his tie over his head before kicking off his Grensons and socks. His eyes are ablaze and virtually burning my dress from my body. ‘Take your dress off.’ he orders, working the buttons of his shirt, and then starting on his cuffs, never breaking our eye contact. It’s not helping me in my hungry state, not at all.

It takes me three seconds flat to unzip my dress and pull it up over my head, leaving me standing in my lace and taking a quick glimpse down at my stomach to see if it’s grown throughout the day. I breathe in to try and gage it, getting slightly side-tracked from my masterpiece of a husband, who’s standing only a few feet away. He’s definitely right, and I have the black pencil dress to prove it. It’s all downhill from here. My hand lifts and slides onto my navel, my rings sparkling as I rub slow circles around my bellybutton. The bond is growing, and it’s growing fast. A piece of me and a piece of Jesse, two pieces, in fact, are growing inside of me, and the very thought has me overcome with a sudden sense of warmness that I’ve never felt before—a warmness that deepens when Jesse’s hand lays over mine and he stoops down, nuzzling my face upwards so he can access my mouth.

‘Incredible, isn’t it?’ he asks, reattaching me to his body with an effortless pull of my upper thighs.

‘Yes,’ I agree, wholeheartedly. ‘Just like you.’

‘And you.’

‘More you.’ I argue. ‘Show me how incredible you are. I’ve forgotten.’ I provoke his arrogance with those words and bow my back, lifting myself higher to him so he has to drop his head back to maintain our kiss. The low rumbling growl emanating from deep inside of him, travels through our joined mouths and warms me further.

He starts walking from his office through the vast openness of the penthouse, where I’m laid on the huge corner couch and my backside is pulled to the end so my lower body is propped up on the arm. He removes his trousers and boxers, revealing the beauty of his cock, hard, ready, and within touching distance, but he kneels down at the end of the couch, taking it clean from my view. I don’t have time to complain. My knickers are removed, my legs are pulled apart and his mouth is on the inside of my thigh fast, kissing gently, shifting to the other thigh and teasing softly. Forward and back he goes, moving from one side to the other, getting higher with each set, his hands spreading me further as he makes his way to my pulsing centre.

‘Jesse,’ I take in air, my legs needing to move. My hand flies up to grasp the leather on the backrest of the couch, my other cupping the back of his head.

‘Have you remembered how incredible I am?’ he asks seriously, pulling back and blowing over my raw flesh.

‘Yes!’ My hands are twitching as his cool breath spreads over me and travels down my thighs. ‘Shit!’ I try to close my legs when I feel the first dash of contact from his tongue on my clitoris, but he’s just teasing me, giving me a taste of what’s to come, and my legs are going nowhere, except where he decides, which is wider, making me sensitive, more open and more frenzied.

‘Mouth, Ava,’ His tongue enters me and then licks an unspeakably delicious stroke up my middle. I cry out, my head thrashing from side to side. ‘Incredible?’ He’s cocky and sure, and has earned that privilege. ‘Tell me how it feels, baby.’

My fisted hand that is now clenching at his hair should tell him all he needs to know—that and my inaudible mumbling. I’m seeing stars, my belly is aching and my poor legs are unable to move. And then his fingers are inside me and my hands leave the sofa and his hair in favour of my own head. My stomach muscles are rigid as I lift my upper body up to try and quench the charging surge of pressure that’s descending from my tummy to my core. I decide in my fevered bliss that I want to see him, so I prop myself up on my elbows and gaze down the length of my body, seeing his palm resting on my stomach, while his fingers fuck me slowly.

‘Tell me,’ he pushes, sweeping through me with agonising precision.

‘It feels like you were made to fit me.’ My words are even and as sure as the expression on his face. He thinks that, too.

He smiles and leans in, tenderly kissing my sensitive skin before rising to his feet and grasping me under my thighs, lifting my lower body to position himself. I find my upper body lifting, too, my hands palm down behind me so I have the best view of him entering me. And it really is the best view. We both focus on his rigid cock as he brings it to me, no hands required, like it has a homing device that will take it to where it belongs. He meets my entrance and hovers for a while, just skimming my damp void, teasingly. I’m ever impatient, my lower legs curling around his lower back and pulling him towards me, but he’s going nowhere. Not until he says so. And he doesn’t say so. He just smirks that almost undetectable smirk while he keeps his eyes down, still teasing me with irregular and torturous skims of his slippery head across the very tip of my oversensitive small nub of nerves. He’s killing me, and I’m dying to lay myself back down, but I’m too engrossed by his cruel pleasure.

‘Shall we try penetration?’ he asks, but he still won’t look at me. I’m going out of my mind, but that defiance in me, coupled with his self-assured attitude, has me determined to match his poise.

‘If you like.’ My calm, aloof words have his greens leaving their rapt focus point on a surprised twinkle.

‘If I like?’ He pushes into me, only very slightly, but enough to force me to repress a moan. I know I’ll be made to wait longer if I’m impatient and demanding, so I control it. ‘What about if you like?’ In a little further he goes. I know my lips have just parted, and I know my chest is expanding fast. I’m trying my damn hardest, but every fibre of my being is giving me away. I’m held in place with one arm while his other hand reaches forward and yanks the cups of my bra down. Each nipple is given a sharp pinch, and I bite back a scream of pleasure mixed with intense pain. ‘My beautiful girl is trying to play it cool.’ he muses, adjusting his grip of me, ready to pound forward. ‘It’s a shame she’s shit at feigning casualness.’ He doesn’t pound forward, though. He eases in lazily, and my head rolls back on a groan. ‘That’s more like it.’ He’s completely submerged within me now, the tip of his impressive cock brushing my womb. ‘Show a bit of appreciation, Ava.’ He extracts himself, and this time he really does pound forward, surprisingly hard. My arms begin to shake, followed by my head in despair.

‘Again,’ I demand. He’s teased me too far this time. ‘Again!’

‘That depends.’

‘On what? You said it doesn’t always need to be hard.’ I’m battling to catch my breath, swallowing repeatedly. ‘Then you do this to me. Have you finally read the part of the book that confirms you won’t hurt the babies?’

‘Yes,’ He strikes with utter accuracy, buckling my arms, but then holds still again. ‘It’s a good book.’

‘It’s a good book now.’ I agree. Now that he’s read the most beneficial part, it’s a great book.

‘It was always a good book, but it did say you must listen to your body.’ He slides out again and pushes forward on a moan.

‘I’m listening, and it’s saying harder.’ I pant.

‘The babies are protected. I read that.’ He hisses and blows out a controlled breath. ‘And I can spank you, apparently.’ His palm collides with my arse on a loud smack, and I yelp.

‘You’ve already slapped me!’ I remind him on a shout as he re-enters me.

‘But I didn’t think you were pregnant then.’ He reminds me on another sharp assault of his palm across my bum. ‘Good?’

‘Yes!’ I persuade my head to lift and when it does, I go dizzy with gratefulness. My tongue leaves my mouth of its own accord and journeys across my bottom lip slowly, enticingly. ‘You look amazing.’ I breathe, watching each finely tuned muscle on his abdomen bunch and his biceps bulge from holding my lower body to him.

‘I know.’ He grinds smooth and slow.

‘Oh God!’ My arms finally give in, collapsing and leaving me flat on my back.

‘I know,’ he agrees, ‘I fucking know.’

‘Jesse, I’m going to come.’ I’m not so bothered about maintaining my resistance now. It’s long gone.

‘I’m not.’ Out and in he slides all over again. ‘Are you listening to your body, Ava?’

‘Yes! And it’s telling me I need to come!’

Slap! ‘Don’t be fucking smart!’ He swivels, pulls free completely and slips his cock straight up my centre, instigating a stupidly satisfying friction of his flesh against mine. ‘Well, it’s telling me that I’m doing a damn fine job of servicing you.’ He’s shaking. I can feel it travelling through his arms and into my legs, but he maintains his silky smooth thrusts. ‘Fuck, I need to be all over you.’ My lower body is dropped and my hands grasped, pulling me up to his standing body with an easy tug. I’m on the rug, beneath him in no time at all, my nipples being teased by his tongue and his hand between my thighs, guiding himself back to me.

Now that I can feel his skin, I notice just how sweaty he is. My hands are feeling out every inch of him. ‘Kiss me,’ I plead, and he doesn’t mess about. Our mouths are together, he’s sliding back inside of me and our bodies are touching in every place possible. His momentum is perfect, and I’m rocking my hips up to meet him on every drive, capturing the spikes of pleasure that each one of his plunges is instigating. My hands land on his arse and my nails dig into his solid cheeks as he ravishes me with his mouth, our tongues dancing wildly and hungrily.

‘I think…’ he’s on my cheek, pushing on. ‘you should…’ now he’s at my neck, then he’s biting at the lobe of my ear. ‘quit your job.’

I shake my head, tipping my hips up on a long, happy moan. ‘No,’

‘But I want to spend every day doing this. Give me back your mouth.

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