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Author: Jodi Ellen Malpas

Of course, he’s cocky, but one hundred per cent right, not that I’ll tell him. I don’t need to. It goes without saying. Instead of stroking his overinflated ego, I stoop down and kiss the top of his foot before moving my lips to his ankle, circling my tongue and kissing my way up his legs. I take my time, flattening my palms on the fronts of his thighs, just feeling him as my lips skim every naked inch of his flesh, but I soon find myself at his neck, despite my determination to drag out the whole episode.

I inhale his scent and lift up on my tiptoes to reach his chin, which is higher than usual because he’s looking up at the ceiling. I can’t reach. ‘What’s the matter?’

‘I’m trying to control myself.’ His voice is all gravelly.

‘I don’t want you to.’

‘Don’t say that, Ava.’ he warns.

‘I don’t want you to.’ I repeat, all low and throaty, biting at his neck.

He moves fast. His arm snakes around my waist, and I’m pushed up against the nearest wall on a growl. I’m ecstatic and trying to play it cool, but my lips are parted, and I’m breathing shocked gasps. ‘You seem to be making some noise,’ he observes quietly, holding one side of my face and pushing his mouth to my ear. I close my lips, clench my eyes shut and rest my head against the wall. I need to focus because he’s going to make this hard for me, even if he doesn’t give it to me hard. ‘Now, listen very carefully.’ He unhooks my bra while keeping a hand on my cheek and his mouth at my ear. ‘Your parents seem to like me. Don’t fuck it up.’

Oh good Lord, my confidence is diminishing fast. Why didn’t he book a hotel, damn it. I bite painfully down on my lip, determined to keep quiet, as my lace bra is pulled away from my body and dropped to the floor before he leans down, taking my nipple in his mouth and sucking my nub gently until it’s tingling and stiff. I hit my head against the wall, my face distorting as I try urgently to withhold a moan of pleasure.

I fail.

‘Ohhhh God,’ I groan, banging my head against the wall again.

‘Oh dear.’ He’s at my lips immediately. ‘You just can’t control it, can you?’

I shake my head, unashamedly agreeing with him. ‘No,’

‘Which just confirms what we both know, doesn’t it?’ He rolls his naked hips upwards, forcing me onto my tiptoes to try and escape the rub that will have me losing further control.

I fail again. ‘Yes,’ I pant, uncontrolled and grappling at his naked shoulders.

‘And what is that, Ava?’ He bites my lip and keeps hold while he waits for me to give the answer—the answer we both know.

‘You have the power.’ I confirm quietly. His eyes sparkle in approval, and I reach down to stroke him, but he pulls away from me on a mild head shake.

‘I thought we just clarified who has the power.’ My hand is pushed away. ‘And I need to safeguard my current favourable standing with your parents, so you’ll keep quiet.’ He’s staring at me, obviously waiting for confirmation that I understand. I do, but I absolutely cannot guarantee my silence. ‘Can you be quiet, Ava?’

I lie. ‘Yes.’ I’ve been ambushed by him and his potency, and I’m not saying no if it means he’ll tuck me up in bed for a snuggle. Pregnancy is doing serious things to me. I’m more desperate than ever, if that’s at all possible.

His eyes blink lazily, an almost undetectable smile flashing across his face. He reaches up and pulls my hand away from my hair. ‘It looks like we have a problem.’ he whispers. ‘Don’t move.’ He backs away, and I want to yell at him, but then he picks something up and I’m distracted as he slowly comes towards me again, concealing whatever he’s holding behind his back.

I’m fidgeting, squirming and thinking real hard about what the hell he’s hiding, but I’m not left suffering for too long. He brings his hands around to the front of him and holds up my lace scarf, then wraps it around his fists and pulls it taut. My teeth clench, as do my thighs. In fact, every single muscle I have has tightened considerably at the prospects of what that scarf presents, and I know it’s not going to be used to blindfold me.

‘I think we’ll call this one the quiet fuck.’ He brings the scarf to my mouth and slips it between my lips. ‘Keep your tongue relaxed.’ he instructs softly, taking it around the back of my head and tying it firmly but not tightly. ‘If you feel the need to scream, bite down. Understand?’

I nod, my eyes following him as he leans down and removes my knickers. It really doesn’t matter that I can’t talk because my mind has gone blank. I can think of nothing to say, my only thoughts being of anticipation. And maybe there’s a little bit of me wondering whether he’s gagged anyone else before. Possibly. Highly likely. It’s unwelcome, but my docile state is preventing me from chasing the thought—that and the hot tongue running up the inside of my leg. I don’t want to scream, but I bite down on the scarf anyway, my eyes closing, my drumming heart beating an even pulse in my chest. I feel surprisingly calm.

He makes a point of breathing heavily in my ear as he laces his fingers through mine and pushes my hands up to the wall behind me before kissing down the sensitive flesh of my inside arm, softly and painfully slow. I quickly fear that the only screaming I’ll be doing will be in impatience. He’s going to take his time with me.

‘I think we’ll do this lying down.’ His low, sure voice has me praying for control as he brings our hands down, fingers still laced, and then starts walking backwards, encouraging me to step with him. Not that I need any encouragement. I’ll follow this man wherever he goes, whether it’s to a bed or to the end of the earth.

He bends and takes a hold of me before straightening his legs and kneeling onto the small, double bed and crawling up, resting me down gently. The tip of my nose is kissed, my hair smoothed from my face, and then I’m turned onto my side slightly, my leg lifted and bent so he can straddle the one still flush with the bed. He edges forward, holding himself with one hand and keeping my leg up with the other, watching what he’s doing, getting closer until he skims my opening. If I could, I’d yelp, but I’m resorted to reaching behind me to grab the headboard. My back bows, even though he’s just holding himself there. It’s torturous.

‘Ava,’ He kisses my foot, ‘Nothing can beat this.’ He sinks slowly into me, his head falling back, and I have to look. I overcome the overwhelming need to close my eyes in utter bliss, just so I can watch his face. His jaw tenses, his grip of my ankle increases, his now free hand rests on my waist and his torso sharpens, the lines of every muscle defined and protruding. I so want to feel him there, but I’m immobilised by pleasure, rendering me incapable of moving. He’s right. Nothing can or ever will beat this. It’s agonisingly good, and I’m transfixed on him, completely captivated by him. So incredibly in love with him.

‘Do you like what you see?’ he asks as he withdraws slowly. I’m so fixated on the movement of his muscles, I’ve not noticed his head has now dropped and he’s studying me. He gags me, inflicts this pleasure on me, and then expects the impossible. He wants me to reply? I shouldn’t need to, he knows the answer very well, but I nod anyway. He doesn’t smile or show any approval of my answer. He just gradually works his way deep inside of me, as if rewarding me for my silent response. ‘I like what I see, too.’ I’m blessed with a precise grinding of his hips. I might not be able to cry out in pleasure, but I can moan. So I do.

Pulling out slowly, he plunges straight back in. He’s starting to work up a steady rhythm. It remains controlled, it remains exact and it remains profoundly powerful, but without the force I know he’s capable of. He’s determined to make his point—the point of unnecessary hardness, the hardness that I think I need, and the point that I’m not sure would need to be raised if I wasn’t pregnant. I’m being thoroughly indulged. I’m being doted upon. I can live with this for the next few months.

I’m moaning again as he grinds, and when I feel his teeth graze my ankle, my head flies back and I’m unexpectedly overcome with heated tingles, stabbing all over my skin, but more intensely between my thighs.

‘She’s losing control.’ he gasps quietly, lifting up higher on his knees, taking my lower body with him. I start shaking my head, tightening my grip of the headboard and twisting my body to try and get onto my back. I’m attempting in vain. I could never overpower him. He has a firm hold on my hip, keeping me where he wants me. ‘Don’t fight me, Ava.’ He strikes firmly but carefully It’s nowhere near the power that I know he’s capable of. But it’s still good.

I don’t need it. I crave it. Big difference, but my insatiable want has been fed good and proper, and now it’s expected. In he goes again, definitely and on a supressed hiss. I try to flip myself over again, but it’s useless. I’ll never win, only knacker myself out, and I want to store my energy for the building release that’s brewing. I bite down on the scarf and let out a muffled yell.

‘Am I making you crazy, baby?’ he asks, the tinge of smugness clear as he reverts back to a smooth, even pace.

I don’t look at him. I close my eyes and turn my attention to catching the booming beat at my core before he tells me to control it. He’s ruling me, and even though it’s slow and almost effortless, it’s still very deep and it’s still very pleasurable, and I’m still going to erupt.

‘You’re doing well, Ava.’ In he sinks, around he grinds, out he comes. ‘My temptress is getting stronger.’ Back in, back around, back out.

I whimper, flexing my hands on the headboard. The flowing of his body into mine is inconceivably good. So good. Holy shit! I try to shout his name, but all I achieve is a stifled, inaudible howl.

‘Ava!’ he whispers loudly. ‘Shut the fuck up!’ With that harsh demand comes a less controlled buck of his hips. It just pushes another yell from me, but it’s no more decipherable. That cusp of pleasure is teasing me as he turns his mouth into my leg and bites down, and then reaches down to circle his thumb over my clitoris. That does it. I gulp, my body being yanked into a rigid arch as every muscle starts to spasm, and I bite down on the lace scarf. If I could talk, I would be firing fucks off all over the place, so it is undoubtedly a good job that I can’t. I’m shaking, moaning and Jesse is still plunging into me, still solid and still biting on my ankle. I’m riding out the pleasure, but it’s just going on and on and on.

I’m immensely grateful when my leg is released and I’m allowed to roll onto my back. I’m wrecked, and still relentlessly contracting around Jesse as he keeps himself buried deep and arranges my legs so he can settle between my thighs.

‘Good?’ he asks, his brows raised confidently as he looks down at me. I nod, my eyes closing, no matter how desperate I am to keep them on his damp, handsome face. I also want to feel his hair out and give it a little yank, but my arms are welded to the headboard. ‘You’ll never know how much satisfaction I get from watching you fall apart under my touch.’ he whispers, and I flick my eyes open briefly, seeing him raising his torso so he’s braced on two muscle swelling arms. He doesn’t make any attempt to get any friction, instead seeming quietly content to just hover above me. After a few moments have passed and he’s unmoved but still twitching within me, I force my eyes open properly. He gazing down at me, waiting for my eyes. ‘She’s back.’

Yes, only just and she’s still pulsating around his throbbing cock. I attempt to say something, my exhausted mind having forgotten that I’m gagged, but as soon as I realise my limitation, I convince my arms to lift and sandwich his face between my palms. His stubble is nearly two days’ worth. I love it.

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