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Tess breathed in hard, watching him with a sense of fear, and hating the arousal that it brought her.

“What are you talking about?” she bit out.

His hand ceased the lazy stroking of his cock, then moved to her stomach. Her muscles clenched involuntarily at the heat and calloused roughness of his flesh.

“Tonight, I’ll give you a taste of what’s coming,” he promised her. “You’ll learn, Tess, who your master is, slowly. A step at a time. Nothing too hard, baby, I promise.”

Tess shivered. He didn’t sound cruel, but he was determined. His voice was soft, immeasurably gentle, but filled with purpose. He would have her now, and he would have her on his terms.

“This isn’t what I want, Cole,” she said, fighting for breath, for a sense of control.

His hand moved lazily from her stomach, his eyes tracking each move, his fingers trailing between her thighs until one ran through the thick, slick cream that proved her words false. She trembled, biting back a moan of pleasure as the thick length of his finger dipped into her vagina.

“Isn’t it?” he whispered. “I think you’re lying, Tess. You shouldn’t lie to me, baby.”

Before Tess knew what was coming, his hand moved, then the flat of his palm delivered a stinging blow to the bare flesh of her cunt.

Tess jerked at the heat. “You son of a bitch,” she screamed, jerking against her bond, ignoring the lash of pleasure that made her clit swell further. “I’ll kick your ass when I get out of here.”

Cole grinned, then moved from her side to position himself between her spread thighs.

“Let me go, you bastard!” she bit out, fighting to ignore the shameful pleasure and anticipation rising inside her.

“Naughty Tess,” he whispered, his hand smoothing over her cunt, sliding over the moisture that lay thick and heavy on her pussy lips. “You’re tight, Tess. How long has it been since you had a lover?”

“Kiss my ass!” she cried out, then jerked in surprise as his palm landed on the upper curve of her cunt. She fought the ropes, terrified of the shocking vibrations of pleasure in her clit that radiated from the heat of the blow. “Damn you!”

Her body arched as his finger slid inside her vagina once again. It was a slow stroke, the hard digit separating her muscles, making the flesh tremble in building ecstasy. She fought the need to whimper, to beg at the slow penetration.

“How long, Tess, since you’ve had a lover?” he asked her again.

Tess realized she was panting now, primed, ready to climax. God, if he would just let her get off.

“I hate you,” she growled.

His finger stopped. Halfway inside her, her muscles clenching desperately in need, and he stopped.

“You aren’t being nice, Tess,” he whispered. “I could leave you tied here, hot and hurting for relief, or I could give you what you need, eventually. Now, answer my question. How long?”

The threat was clear. His finger was still inside her as he watched her, his expression hard now, though his eyes retained that lazy, gentle humor. The contrast was almost frightening.

“Four years. Satisfied—Oh God!” Her back arched, her head digging into the pillows as his finger slid home with a smooth, forceful plunge.

Tess was shuddering, her climax so close she could feel it pulsing in desperation.

“Damn you’re tight, Tess.” His fingertip curved, stroking the sensitive depths as she writhed against her bonds. “As tight as a virgin. I bet your ass is even tighter.”

Tess stilled, quivering, seeing the lust, the excitement filling Cole’s face. His cock was huge, thick and long, and she knew it would stretch her pussy until she was screaming for relief. But her ass? No way. From the look on Cole’s face though, he had figured out the way of it, exactly.


“Cole, let’s be reasonable,” Tess panted, her cunt clenching over the finger lodged inside it, quivering from the deep, gentle strokes his fingertip was administering. “Your cock will not fit there. Stop trying to scare me.”

But she had a feeling it wasn’t an idle threat.

He smiled. She knew better than to trust that smile. It was a slow curve of his lips, a crinkle at the corners of his eyes. Watching her carefully, he slid his finger from the soaked depths of her hot channel and then moved to lie down beside her.

Tess watched him carefully, like a wild beast as he propped his head on his arm and watched her through narrowed eyes. Then his gaze shifted, angling to her thighs, her eyes following as his hand moved.

“No—” she cried out helplessly as his hand raised.

She jerked. His head moved, his lips latching on a hard, pointed nipple a second before he delivered another stinging blow to the wet lips of her cunt.

She cried out, pleasure and pain dragging a helpless sound of confused desire from her lips as her body bowed and she jerked against him. His tongue rasped her nipple as he suckled her, and the next blow to her cunt was delivered to the flesh that shielded her swollen clit. Her cry was louder, her body jerking, arching, fighting both pain and pleasure as she struggled to separate the two. She was on fire, her head reeling from the confusing morass of sensations. She wanted to beg for more, beg for mercy.

Another blow struck her, his palm angled to deliver the blow from her clit to her vagina as he pinched her nipple between his teeth. The stinging pain, hot and fierce had her clit throbbing as she screamed from a near climax.

“ Please,” she begged, her head thrashing against the pillow as she felt his arm rise again. “Please, Cole—“

A strangled scream left her throat as the hardest blow landed, striking with force and fire, sending her clit blazing, her orgasm peaking against her will. It shuddered through her body as his palm ground into her clit with just enough pressure to trigger her release.

Then his lips covered hers with a groan, his tongue spearing into her mouth with greed and hunger. Tess fought to get closer, her arms and legs protesting their confinement as she met his kiss with equal voraciousness, her tongue tangling with his, her moans a harsh rasp against her throat as she felt her cunt throb, her vagina ache for more.

Tess shuddered with the throbbing intensity of her climax, a distant part of her was shocked, amazed that she could respond in such a way. Fiery tingles of sensation coursed over her body, licked at her womb, left her greedy, hungry for more. Her cunt was empty, a gnawing ache of arousal tormenting it now. It wasn’t enough. She needed more. So much more.

“Do you need more, Tess??” he growled as he pulled back and stared down at her.

His eyes were no longer patient, they were hot and hungry, watching her intently.

“More. Please, Cole. I need you,” she moaned staring up at him as her body moved restlessly, needing him, wanting his cock until she could barely breathe, her arousal was so intense.

He moved back, his hand going between her thighs, a ravenous groan coming from his throat as he felt the thick layer of cream that now coated her flesh.

“Your pussy’s so hot, Tess.” His voice sounded tortured. “So hot and sweet, I could make a meal of you now.”

“Yes.” She twisted against him, needing him to touch her, to fuck her, to relieve the yawning pit of exquisite need throbbing inside her.

“Not yet,” he denied her, making her whimper. “Not yet, baby. But soon. Real soon.”

She watched as he moved from her, going to his knees then propping her pillows beneath her shoulders and head.

“You know what I want, Tess,” he told her, his voice rough, his cock aiming for her lips. “Open your mouth, baby, give me what I want.”

Anything. Anything to convince him to relieve the ache that throbbed clear to her stomach. Her lips opened, and she moaned as the thick head pushed past them, stretching them wider. He was huge, so long and thick she wanted to cry out in fear, scream at him to hurry and fuck her with it.

“Oh yeah, such a hot little mouth,” he groaned, wrapping his fingers around the base as he penetrated her mouth, stopping only when her eyes began to widen with the fear he would choke her. “Relax your throat, Tess,” he urged her. “Just one more inch, baby. Take one more inch for me and I’ll show you how good I can make you feel next.”

Her pussy throbbed out her answer. Yes, take more, bitch. Take it all so he’ll fuck me. The ravenous creature that was her cunt demanded her obedience as fiercely as Cole did. Breathing through her nose, her eyes on his, she slowly relaxed the muscles of her throat, feeling him by slow increments give her the final inch he demanded she take.

His hand tightened on his cock, his finger brushing her mouth as he marked her limit, and still there was so much more. He pulled back as Tess suckled the thick length, her tongue washing over it, rasping the underside of his dick as he nearly pulled free of her mouth until she was slurping on nothing but the engorged head, and loving it.

Then he began to penetrate again. A slow measured thrust that sank his cock to the depth he marked, his expression tightening with such extreme pleasure that she fought to caress the broad head that attempted to choke her. She let her throat make a swallowing motion, a tentative movement to test her ability to do it.

Cole groaned, his dick jerking in her mouth as he pulled back, thrust home again. She repeated the movement, watching his face, never letting go of his expression as he began to fuck her mouth. He was panting, his teeth clenched, his hard stomach clenching.

“Yes, swallow it,” he growled when she repeated the motion. “Swallow it, baby. Show me you want my cock.”

He was fucking her mouth harder now, her lips stretched so wide they felt bruised, but Tess loved the feeling, loved watching the excitement, the extreme lust that crossed his face each time her throat caressed the head of his cock. His hips were bucking against her, his voice a rumbled growl as he fucked her lips, pushing his cock as deep as it could go, groaning as the flesh tensed, tightened further.

“Yes. I’m going to cum now, Tess. I’m going to cum in your hot little mouth just like I’m going to cum up that tight little ass. Take it, baby, take my cock.” He speared in, she swallowed, his hips jerked, then Tess felt the first hard, hot blast of his semen rocket against the back of her throat. It was followed by more. Thick hard pulses of creamy cum spurted down her throat as he cried out above her.

Tess was ecstatic, quivering with anticipation as she felt his cock, still hard, pull out of her mouth. He would fuck her now. Surely, he would fuck her now.

“You’re so beautiful, Tess,” he whispered as he moved away from her, staring down at her, his eyes gentle once again. “So damned hot and beautiful, you make me crazy.”

“Good,” she moaned. “Fuck me now, Cole. Please.”

He smiled, and her eyes widened as he shook his head.

“What?” she bit out, incredulously. “Damn you, Cole, you can’t leave me like this.”

“Did I say I was leaving you?” he asked her, arching his brow in question. “No, Tess, I’ll be here with you, all night, every night. But you’re not ready to be fucked yet.”

“I promise I am,” she bit out. “I really am, Cole.” If she got any more ready, she would go up in flames.

He chuckled, though the sound was strained.

“Not yet, Tess,” he whispered. “But soon.”

He moved across the room, and then Tess noticed the small tray that sat on the mantle of her wall-enclosed dresser. He picked it up and as he turned back to her, Tess’s eyes widened in apprehension.

There were several sexual aids laying on the silver tray, as well as a large tube of lubrication. The one that frightened her most, was the thick butt plug that sat on its wide base. Tess trembled at the sight of it, shaking her head in fear as he neared her. If only she was frightened enough, she thought distantly. God help her, her cunt was on fire, her body so sensitive she thought a soft breeze would send her into climax. And seeing those toys, the thick butt plug and the large dildo, had her trembling, not just in fear, but in excitement.

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