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The minister drones on and on, and my mind is stuck on what Kate said yesterday about how the two of us have to stop doing what we've been doing. It was hard to take her seriously when she followed that statement up by screwing my brains out in every position imaginable the rest of the day, but still.

The fact that she said it is bugging me. I’ve never been so hung up on a chick that I wanted to keep sleeping with her. And now, I can’t imagine not having Kate around.

“Are people looking at us?” I lean over and whisper to Caulter, who sits beside me at the wedding party table. “I feel like people are looking at us.”

“Of course they are,” he says. “We’re at the wedding table in front of everyone. Everyone is fucking staring at us, or our parents.”

“I’m not being crazy,” I insist. I feel like people can see right through us. Like they know.

On the other side of me, one of the groomsmen leans over to talk to me. “So, Harvard in the fall, eh?”

I want to tell him to fuck off. I want to tell Caulter to fuck off, too. I am so incredibly on edge and irritable, but I swear that this is not in my head. People are looking at their cell phones a little too much. Laughing a little too much. “I’m not sure,” I say absently.

“Not sure?” he asks. “You're unsure about Harvard? Your father says you’re going pre-law.”

“Yes. Yes, of course I am.” I shake my head, completely fixated on the woman at a table toward the front who is checking her phone and showing the girl next to her. They both look over their shoulders in our direction and giggle, covering their mouths with their hands. Okay, I am not crazy here. I reach down to my bag on the floor beside the chair and open the clasp, pulling out my phone onto my lap.

Caulter glances over at me. “So rude,” he scolds.

“I’m not delusional here,” I hiss. “People are staring at us.” And it’s not just a few people, either. It’s multiple people, looking at their phones in the middle of the reception dinner. It’s like some kind of disease spreading through the crowd.

“They're probably just staring at your tits,” he whispers.

“That's funny, asshole.” I check a few of the news websites, glancing up every so often to respond to some lame question the groomsman beside me asks. There is nothing --no major terrorist event, no war that’s broken out since we started the reception.

“Why are there phones here anyway?” I ask. “Don’t celebrities hate that?”

Caulter leans over. “Your father and my mother aren’t exactly trying to avoid media attention.”

I ignore him, clearing out my internet search engine.

“And?” Caulter whispers. "What did you find?"

Then I check one of the gossip sites. And there it is, the headline emblazoned across the screen in bright red letters, just in case anyone might miss it. My heart sinks. I think I’m going to be sick.


It’s just a tabloid, I think. My head is swimming. It's just a stupid online tabloid with no evidence of anything. It’s nothing. Just a rumor. There were bound to be rumors.

I scroll down. There’s a photo of us, from yesterday, in the car where we’d parked, Caulter’s hand on my shoulder. Okay, at least it's not a photo of what came right after that. It's not entirely incriminating.

Damn it, I told him to not be so fucking stupid and careless. I knew I shouldn’t have been so careless.

I feel dizzy. I continue reading, my emotions vacillating between horror and utter humiliation. And then I hit the thing that makes everything else, even the photo, look like nothing.

It's a photo of a card with girls’ names on it, the words "Brighton Bingo" running across the top. All of the names are blurred out, except for mine. Mine's right in the middle of the whole damn thing, with a star around it.

Katherine Harrison.

BJ- 50 points.

Sex - 100 points.

Anal - 200 points.

Bareback - 500 points.

No fucking way. I think I'm going to vomit, but I can't help but read on.

“A source close to Caulter Sterling says that the celebrity, notorious for bedding many young Hollywood stars and New York socialites, invented the game, Brighton Bingo, as a way of tracking his conquests at the prestigious private boarding school. Katherine Harrison is clearly his ultimate prize.”

I look at Caulter, my hands shaking. “What?” he asks.

I think about stabbing him with my steak knife. “Brighton Bingo?” I hiss. I can’t say anything else. I push my chair away from the table, too overwhelmed to think.

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