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Katherine arches as I slip inside her, her head falling back, hair falling down on the pillowcase and around her shoulders. One hand under her back, I pull her against me as I fuck her, my rhythm slow, even though she's wet and willing.

She urges me on, little moans under her breath and then whispers, over and over, "Yes, yes."

"Look at me, Kate." She jerks her head up, and her eyes meet mine before she kissed me hungrily. Every part of her is hungry; her pussy is practically milking me now, even before she comes. I know she's ready, on the verge so quickly, but I tell myself to slow down and wait.

"No, no, don't stop," she whispers, her voice almost a whine. She wraps her legs around me, pinning me with my cock deep inside her, but I stop moving. I grab her wrists, and push them above her head, then lower my mouth close to hers again. "Please don't stop."

"Don't try to take control, Kate," I whisper. "It doesn't suit you." She whimpers, but lies still, and I kiss her, my cock throbbing inside her. When she tightens her muscles around me again, I laugh. "You are always trying to take control."

"Fuck..." she whispers, and I wait for her to say you, but she doesn't. She says, " Fuck me."

I can't wait any longer. I thrust deeply inside her, feeling the gush of wetness from her pussy. "Is that what you wanted?" I ask.

"Yes," she whispers, her fingers lacing tightly with mine, palms pressed against my palms as I drive into her over and over. "Yes."

"You want my bare cock inside you..."

"Yes," she says. "Oh God, yes."

"You want to feel me come inside your bare pussy." Her muscles are tensing around my cock, squeezing it. It's all I can do not to come inside her right this second, with how tight she is, how warm she feels.

"Caulter, I'm so close." She punctuates her words with one final squeeze, and I'm groaning and letting go, flooding her with my hot seed. When she comes, she arches up to meet her lips to mine, and I mute her moans with my mouth as I drive into her, feeling her orgasm rip through her body. Her pussy spasms around my cock, her muscles milking me for every last drop of my cum.

Afterward, the only sound in the room is our ragged breath as we come down from our orgasms, and when she finally opens her eyes to look at me, my face inches from hers, her smile is broad. "That was good."

"That's all you have to say?" I ask. "It was good? What a letdown."

"It was definitely not a letdown," she says, wrapping her legs around me. "Do you want to go again?"

"I've created a monster," I say, kissing her forehead, then her cheekbone, and the side of her face. "You're not going to be able to stop."

"So don't make me stop," she whispers. "Keep fucking me."

"You know this can't last." I feel the obligation to warn her, but as soon as I speak the words, I think I'm trying to warn myself. She's getting under my skin, and I'm afraid she's changing me. I know she's changing me.

"If we're careful..." she says, her voice trailing off. She thinks I'm talking about the fact that we'll get caught, but I'm not. I don't tell her what I'm thinking. Instead, I kiss her soft lips.

“We'll be careful,” I tell her. I remind myself that I need to be careful. With her heart and mine.

My father and Ella are back at the lake house full-time now. The Senate broke for the summer three days ago. Three days ago, the house was turned into a flurry of activity in preparation for the wedding, the house flooded with people: the wedding planner, caterers, stylist, managers, decorators, baker, and my father’s entourage of political advisers.

I’d have expected the wedding to disrupt my father's campaign, but it all seems to fit in nicely. It helps, I suppose, that Ella runs her wedding planning with the same kind of military precision with which my father attacks his re-election campaign.

Caulter and I are no longer just fucking. I mean, we've been fucking. But now we're fucking like rabbits. We've been screwing all the time.

When my father and Ella were still in DC, Caulter made good on his promise to take me in the dining room one night after Rose was gone, spreading me out on the table and burying his face between my legs.

We've had sex outside on the dock in the evening, beside the lake.

In the boathouse.

In the car on the way to get ice cream, and then again when we got back, after Caulter said he couldn’t watch the way I licked the ice cream cone and not want to put his cock in my mouth.

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