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"No?" I ask. "That's rude. You should at least lie to the guy who's cock is pressed right up against your pussy."

"Okay, then. Yes," she whispers.

I stroke her nipple with my thumb until she's moaning, her voice soft. "Yes, because I told you to lie or yes because you'd want to do nothing but fuck me?"

She whimpers. "Fuck me now," she says.

"That was fast." But I pull myself away from her, slip her shirt over her head, and she pulls mine off before falling back against the pillows. I'm still wearing my pajama pants, the thin cotton fabric barrier between us minimal, and I can feel the pre-cum wet on the fabric. Leaning down, I take her breast in my mouth, swirling my tongue around her nipple. "You're ready for me so soon?"

Katherine puts her palms on my face and pulls me up to her, her tongue thrusting insistently in my mouth as she kisses me. When I slide my fingers between her legs, she groans. The fabric of her panties is soaked. "See?" she asks. "I'm so wet already."

"You are," I say. "Hang on a second. Let me grab a condom." I move away from her, but she latches onto my arm.


"No, what?"

"No condom," she whispers.

"It'll take me two seconds," I say. "They're right over there."

"Do we have to?"

"Use a condom?" I ask. "You're the one who was concerned about me fucking a redhead, but now you want to go bareback?"

"You didn't fuck the redhead," she says.

"Is that a question or a statement?" I ask. "Because you didn't seem sure before."

"It's a statement," she says. "I'm sure."

"Mhmm." I stand up anyway, sliding her panties over her hips and down her legs, unable to resist running my tongue down her pussy as I do. The taste makes me rock hard. The thought of being inside her, with no protection, makes me want to come right now. But that's definitely against my rules. "That's not something I do, Katherine."

"What do you mean?" She watches me strip out of my pants, and her mouth parts when she sees my cock, which makes me feel smug as hell. I grab a condom from the bottom drawer in her desk. "Did you stash those in there?" she asks.

"Yeah." I join her back on the bed.


"A while ago."

"Before we started screwing?" she asks. I climb over her, back where I was before, and she wraps her warm hand around my cock.

"Are you going to break my dick if I answer you honestly?" I'm slightly concerned that it's something she's capable of. But she just laughs as she slides her thumb over the tip, the pre-cum wet on my skin.

"You did, didn't you?" she asks.

"I did."

"You're a cocky asshole."

"You're not a frigid bitch," I say.

"Thanks," she says, laughing. "I think that's the best compliment you've given me, Caulter Sterling."

"Don't ever say I didn't say nice things about you," I say. She's running her hand up and down the length of my cock, and I groan. When she guides me to her pussy, I tense as I feel her warm wetness against my bare cock, even though it's the best thing I've ever felt. "Wait."

"I'm on birth control," she says. "I have been for years. Are you clean?"

"I was tested right, actually." I don't tell her why, that a month before her I'd slept with this psychotic chick from an all-girls school half an hour away who'd also, as it turned out, had slept with half of the lacrosse team.

She arches her hips up slightly so that the tip of my cock is just inside her. "So do it. Fuck me. I want to feel you come inside me."

"Shit, Kate," I groan, not moving. I don't screw chicks without using rubbers. I may not be a stand-up guy, but at least I'm safe. "You're killing me. You're supposed to be the responsible one."

"You're rubbing off on me," she whispers, her hands sliding around to my ass cheeks. "What can I say? I want to do something crazy."

She pulls at me, but I brace, only allowing myself to go inside her another inch. Another agonizing inch inside her warm, wet cunt. I can't be expected to make a responsible decision, not with my cock inside her pussy. She squeezes her muscles tight around me and that's it. I ram my cock inside her, up to the hilt, in one deep thrust, feeling the exquisite bliss of her muscles stretch to fit me.

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