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“I love when you fuck me.” I’m so close, I can’t hold off.

He grips my hips so tight it think he’s going to leave bruises. “Say it again: I love you fucking my sweet, tight pussy.”

“” I rub circles on my clit, harder as he thrusts into me, his thrusts punctuating each word. “Caulter, don’t stop. Don’t stop.”

“Do you want to come?”

“Yes, Yes. Please. Yes.” I think I’m going to die if he doesn’t let me come.

“Please. Say please let me come, Caulter.” His hand on my lower back, he pushes me farther down to the floor, my face hovering just over the pillow. I’m gripping the pillowcase as he thrusts into me, my ass high in the air. I bite the edge of the material, trying to keep myself from coming. But my pussy feels so wet and swollen I can’t hold off.

“Please. Please. Please. Caulter.”

He growls, slamming into me with one deep thrust. “Come for me, Princess.”

I finally let go, muffling my cries with the pillow as he buries himself deep in me, filling me with his cum. The orgasm washes over my entire body like a tidal wave, the intensity so powerful I might be swept away. I don’t know how long it is after that, that I finally start to come down, and tear my face away from the pillow to look at him.

Caulter rubs his hands on my back and down my hips. “I told you’d need the pillow.”

“I don’t have words.”

He grins. “Speechless,” he says. “That’s what I’m talking about.”

I laugh. “You wouldn’t want me if I were speechless. You’d be bored.”

“I’d be in heaven.”

“Screw you.”

“Again?” He slaps my ass. “I’ll need another minute, but if you insist.”

“Do you think anyone noticed we’re gone?”

“I think we probably have an audience outside the door,” he says, sliding out of me and slapping my ass a second time for good measure.

“What?” I squeal.

“Calm your tits,” he says. “It was a joke. Your face was in the pillow. If it wasn’t, well...then we’d be on the front page of whatever the hell little newspaper they have up here at Lake Winnipesauke. I'll go ahead and assume it's something with the word gazette in it.”

“How am I going to sneak out to take a shower in the middle of the party?” I ask.

“You’re not,” Caulter says, throwing me my dress.

“What?” I ask, my voice high-pitched. “I’m not going down there smelling like --”

He interrupts me, looking at me with his eyebrows raised. “Like you just had filthy sex on the floor of your room with your step-brother?”

I grab the pillow from the floor and throw it at him. “Please stop saying that.”

“Step-brother?” he asks, grinning. “Does it bother you? I mean, you are keeping it in the family.”

I cover my ears. “La la la la,” I say. “I don’t hear you.”

He crosses the room to me, takes my hands off my ears, and kisses me on the lips, his kiss at once changing the tone of the moment from jovial to sensual. “Put on clothes and slip into the bathroom to clean up, and then I will,” he says. “I’ll meet you downstairs. If you say one word to that guy from school, I'll beat his fucking ass in the middle of the party, then bend you over my knee and tan your hide.”

My eyes go wide. “The sad thing is, I think you might be insane enough to do just that.”

Caulter grins. “Good. I think you’re starting to get to know me after all, Princess."

"Shit, you scared me." She's standing by the open balcony door wearing a cotton t-shirt that barely covers her ass. And panties, I'd guess, even though I can't see them. It has to be a thong, since I burned her granny panties, which makes me smile. "What are you smiling at?"

"Nothing," I say. "Are you going to let me in here, or what?"

"Do I have a choice, or are you going to just barge in anyhow?" she asks.

I grin, slipping my hand around her and pulling her against me. I kiss her slowly, letting her melt into me, but pause when I see the sketchpad on the bed. "Drawing again?" I ask, picking it up.

Katherine reaches for it, but I hold it up high above her head. "Shit, you just can't keep me off your mind, can you?"

"Give it back to me, you shithead," she says, her teeth clenched. "Or I'll scream."

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