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I moan softly, conscious of the guests downstairs, the crowd of people gathered to celebrate my father’s engagement to Ella. We have to be quiet; anyone could hear or come looking for us. The thought makes me hotter, and as Caulter covers my pussy with his mouth, eating me like a starving man, I ride his face, threading my hands through his hair.

I slide a hand to my breast, kneading it, tweaking my nipple between my fingers as I fuck his mouth, riding him as he brings me higher and higher. His tongue seems to be everywhere at once, flicking over my clit, thrusting inside me, teasing me, making me think about his cock. He grips my ass, his fingers spreading my cheeks, and I feel his fingertip against pressing against my asshole.

I squirm at his touch, at the pleasure that surges through me in response to his finger, and I think I hear him laugh, the sound muffled between my legs. He grips me harder, pulling me against his face as he devours me. I’m quiet, trying with everything I have not to cry out the way I want to, mindful of the fact that if I do, someone will hear me. Someone will walk in to see me buck naked, riding my new step-brother’s face like he’s a fucking horse, my breasts bouncing in the air.

Caulter has his tongue lodged in my pussy, his fingertip pushing into my asshole, and the thought of someone seeing me like this, while I'm being so thoroughly debauched by him, pushes me entirely over the edge.

When I come, it’s blinding. I'm gasping for air as I nearly yank his hair out by the roots, trying only to focus on keeping my mouth closed and not screaming. Waves of pleasure, the pent up frustration of being around Caulter for a week, the jealousy of seeing him with another girl, wash over me, and I come hard against his face.

The orgasm isn't even finished when he lifts me up. “On your hands and knees,” he growls.

I'm in a haze, preoccupied with my throbbing pussy, overcome with the void of his tongue being withdrawn from between my legs. “What?”

“You heard me,” he says. He grabs a condom from his pocket and rips open the wrapper with his teeth, looking at me like a feral animal. His cock is rock hard, and he rolls the condom on his considerable length. “What did I fucking say?”

I giggle, his harshness somehow striking me as funny. “Okay, bossy.”

He doesn’t answer, just grabs a pillow from the bed and throws it on the ground in front of me. “Scream into the pillow.”

“You think highly of yourself,” I say.

“You’re going to need the pillow.” He doesn’t wait for me to respond, just pushes me down on all fours. His tip presses against my entrance, and he plunges his cock inside me in one swift thrust, my wetness easily guiding him in. Hands on my hips, he fucks me with hard thrusts, each one deeper than the last, my breasts swaying as he slides in and out of me.

“Shit, Caulter.” I whisper the words, trying to be quiet, the sound of our flesh slapping together loud enough to make me nervous. My pussy is so sensitive from my orgasm that I can barely take the sensation of his cock inside me. It’s so overwhelming I want to crawl out of my skin. “I don’t know if I can take it.”

His hands are on my back, roaming over my skin. “I’m going to make you come again,” he says. “This time will be insane.”

My pussy tightens around him as he plows into me, the heat of pleasure radiating through my body. “Your cock is --” I want to say ‘too much,’ but I don’t want him to take it away. The mix of pleasure and the overstimulation bordering on pain, is something I’ve never experienced.

“Your pussy is so damn tight,” he whispers, his balls pressing up against my lips as he thrusts deeply inside me. “You fit me like a fucking glove.”

“Oh God, Caulter, you’re going to make me come again,” I warn.

“You don’t come until I say you come, you hear me?” He grabs a handful of hair at the base of my head, pulling my head back like he’s taking the reins on a horse. “You fucking wait until I tell you.”

“Oh God.”

“Oh God, what?”

“Yes,” I gasp. “Yes, yes. Wait.” I don’t know if I can.

Caulter slaps my ass cheek, the jiggling of my flesh sending a ripple of pleasure through my body. “Touch your clit.”

“No,” I protest. If I do, it will make me come in an instant.

“Rub your clit,” he orders, and I press my finger against it as his thrusts get faster. “Tell me you love this.”

“Oh, yes, I love it.” I’m rubbing my clit harder.

“Tell me you love me fucking your sweet, tight pussy.” He thrusts into me, balls slamming against my lips, his cock so deep inside me.

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