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I can’t be one of those girls who loses her mind once she gets a little bit of cock. Except it's not exactly a little bit, I think as he unbuckles his jeans and pulls out his dick. Nothing about it is small. “There’s no lock on the door.”

“And you’re not wearing any panties.” He pulls a condom from his pocket. I raise my eyebrow at him, and he smirks. “Don’t worry, I’ve just taken to carrying them with me now, being in the same house as you and all. You never know the when opportunity will strike.”

“I’ll have to make sure to wear panties around you,” I whisper, before he brings his mouth down hard on me, his kiss practically bruising. His tongue presses against mine, warring with mine, the movement an expression of our relationship.

When we come up for air, he looks at me sternly. “I said, no panties,” he growls. “Skirts and no panties. It’s a new rule.”

“You don’t make rules for me,” I say.

“I’ll take them, then.”

“What, you're going to take my panties?” I ask, laughing. “Good luck with that.” I start to step down from where I’m standing on the ladder, but he halts me, putting his hand on my breast. “Don’t,” he says, his thumb rubbing my erect nipple through the fabric, as he wraps the other hand around the base of his cock. His hardness is against my inner thigh, and I’m so wet.

“What, you’re going to fuck me here?” I ask, my hands on his shoulders. “I’ll fall.”

“Put your arms around my neck,” he whispers, and I lean in close to him, despite all of my concerns about my father walking in on us, and wrap my arms around him. My dress is hitched up around my waist, and my breasts press against his face. He buries his face between them, but he doesn’t rip the dress off and cover me with his mouth the way I want him too. “Wrap your legs around me.”

I do, and somehow slide down the front of him as he guides his cock inside me and presses me against the ladder. The sharpness of the railing cuts into my back and the top of my ass, but I’m so overcome by pleasure running through my body that I can’t focus on the pain. I think the pain might even intensify it. I cling to him, my arms and legs around him, but most of my weight rests against the ladder. He drives into me hard, his thrusts short and insistent.

This is not slow and romantic; it’s fast and furious, primal and animalistic.

Every thrust of his takes me higher and higher. We’re both quiet, too aware of the possibility of getting caught. The thought of getting caught makes it more intense, even more forbidden. Caulter brings out something in me that makes me want to lose control. I’ve never been that way before with anyone. I'm not that kind of girl, the one who throws caution to the wind, who doesn't care about consequences. I'm not reckless.

I'm moaning his name as he brings me to the edge, his thrusts harder. "Fuck, yes, Caulter."

"Are you going to come for me, Princess?" he asks.

"Yes," I groan, his question setting me off, and the sweet release overtakes me. He thrusts into me again, once, twice, three times as he comes, and then...

The fucking ladder drops underneath us, making this metallic clanking sound as it slips out of the track and balances precariously on a shelf.

"Shit!" Caulter grabs my arms and pulls me up, somehow sliding out of me, his pants around his ass and a condom dangling off the end of his dick.

"Oh my God, we broke it," I look between him and the top of the ladder. I can't contain my laughter. This isn't me. I'm not the girl who breaks ladders fucking a boy in the library. What the hell has gotten into me?

And then I hear Rose's voice, calling out from down the hallway. "Kate, are you okay? I heard a crash."

"Shit." Caulter has pulled up his pants before I can blink, and is looking casual and blasé by the time Rose opens the door.

"What happened?" she asks, looking back and forth between us.

"I -- the ladder came off the tracks," I say.

Caulter interrupts. "She was trying to reach one of the books on the shelf up there, and it just...gave way. Someone should definitely come out to look at that. It seems like a safety hazard. That's a problem with these older houses." He looks so sincere I almost believe him.

Rose looks at me long and hard and I try not to blush. "You were trying to reach one of those books up there on...medieval history?"

I swallow hard. "I was browsing. For research purposes."

"Research purposes," she repeats. "It's a good thing Caulter was in here to help you when the ladder gave way."

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