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Author: Lorelei James

That wasn’t the answer she wanted, but maybe it was the one she needed to put things back in perspective. This was a sexual adventure. A temporary sexual adventure, nothing more. In the heat of the moment she’d just confused lust and love. She smiled and pushed back on her heels. “We’re up here, Trev.”



“Hot damn. Give me a second to catch up.”

Colby’s face was unreadable in the dark. Was he turned on by the idea of a threesome? She knew this situation wasn’t anything new for him and Trevor.

But it surprised her that even with all she’d done and seen today, the idea of being f**ked by Colby and Trevor at the same time kicked her lust back into high gear.

The mattress shifted as Trevor scrambled up. “Colby, you feelin’

better, buddy?”

“Yeah. My girl Channing kissed it and made it all better, didn’t you, darlin’?”

“Yep.” She faced Trevor and crawled to him like a slinky cat. “Since Colby is flat on his back, looks like he’s a bottom. We know what I am.

So guess what that makes you?”

“Very lucky.” Trevor snagged her around the waist, tugged her to his n**ed chest and crushed his mouth to hers. His kiss was a show of aggression.

Channing gave him that aggression right back. Raking her nails over his smooth chest, digging her fingers into his slim hipbones. Wrapping her hand around his c**k and jacking up and down vigorously, remembering how much he’d loved it hard and fast when Edgard had done it.

Trevor plumped her br**sts and lowered his head, sucking her nipples, his teeth nipping to that point of pain and backing off when she whimpered. Using the moisture from his mouth, his middle finger drew a straight line down her belly to her clit.

The air grew heavy with the sounds of labored breathing, and the dark, heady scent of sex.

Colby said, “Channing. Come here. Now.”

His voice dripped authority and…jealousy? She laid her hand on Trevor’s face as he flicked his tongue over her nipple in time to his finger working her clit. She didn’t want him to stop. She arched into him for more. “God. That’s so good.”

“You heat up in a hurry, don’t you?”

“Channing.” Colby’s voice was sharper.

“In a minute.”

“No. Now.”

Trevor released her nipple with a loud pop, looked up and smiled.

“Sounds like someone’s ready. Are you?”

“Mmm-hmm. Do you have condoms?”

“Right here.”

Channing turned and scuttled back to Colby.

He’d grabbed his c**k with his left hand and was idly stroking himself. His eyes glittered challenge. “You prepared to get f**ked? By both of us? My c**k in your pu**y and Trevor’s dick rammin’ into your ass?”

For a second she froze. She looked over her shoulder at Trevor. “I know it might seem a little late to ask this, but should we be chatting about STDs? Especially since…”

“Since I’m bi? Edgard is the only man I’ve ever been with, Channing. I don’t have AIDS or anything else. Neither does Edgard, okay? We always use condoms. You’re safe. We’re safe. I swear. I wouldn’t be doin’ this otherwise.”

She nodded.

Colby said, “Put the condom on me. I can’t wait to see the look on your face when we’re both inside you.”

Her heart seemed to be pounding a mile a minute as she rolled on the condom. Excitement, fear, curiosity—all danced in her head and fired her blood. She straddled Colby’s pelvis, planting her palms flat on the mattress next to his shoulders. “Are you sure this isn’t going to hurt you?”

“Go ahead and hurt me. It’s the kind of hurt I like.” Colby kissed her with a warm deluge of passion.

Trevor traced the crack of her ass to the rosette hidden between her cheeks. A cool gel brushed over the tight spot before a thick finger worked up inside her.

Colby said, “While he’s doin’ that, slide my c**k in that wet pussy.

Take it all in one stroke.”

She lifted her h*ps and reached back for him to guide it in. It was unbearably erotic, the way their hands touched and twined around his rigid sex together as they stared into each other’s eyes and their ragged breath mingled. One downward push and all that male hardness glided right in, eased by the liquid excitement leaking from her drenched cunt.

“Bend over,” Trevor urged. “I know you don’t want to crush his ribs, balance on your knees. Oh yeah. Like that. Come on. Give me this ass.

It’s gonna feel so f**king good.”

“Be careful,” Colby warned Trevor. “She’s new to this. Go slow and don’t hurt her or I’ll kick your ass.”

Touched by Colby’s concern, she smashed her lips to his as Trevor pressed the head of his c**k into her ass and then drove straight in.

She whimpered in Colby’s mouth. “Oh God. That hurts.”

Colby moved his lips to her ear. “Ssh. Come on. It’s okay. We’ve done this before. We don’t have to go fast. Let your body adjust to us, darlin’.

You set the pace. We can go as slowly as you want.”

For a second, she wanted to stop.

“When you’re ready, push down on me and Trev will pull out.”

Trevor’s rough fingertips scraped down her spine. “Chan? You okay?”

No. “Yeah.”

A second later Trevor’s c**k slipped out until only the head remained inside her back channel.

Channing hadn’t moved on Colby’s c**k at all. She was afraid to. The fullness…burned. She held her breath until she was light-headed.

“Trev. This ain’t workin’. She’s completely tensed up.”

“You want me to stop?”

“For a second.” He murmured, “Shug? What do you need?”

Someone to distract me. “Someone to touch my clit.”

Colby said to Trevor, “Can you reach her?”

“Yeah. If I slide back in all the way.”

“Do it.”

She shuddered when Trevor’s h*ps were once again plastered to her backside.

Trevor reached around and traced circles around her slippery clit, seeming careful not to accidentally touch Colby’s c**k embedded inside her. “Tell me what’ll do it for you.”

“Up and down. Not your thumb. Your finger. Press right there.” Ooh.

That felt good. She relaxed a tiny bit.

Colby said, “Put your hands by my head and dangle them luscious tits closer to my mouth, darlin’.”

Channing shifted and Colby’s mouth latched onto her nipple. He focused on her aching br**sts, switching back and forth, gently licking, then sucking forcefully, blowing across the tips, dragging open-mouthed kisses across the tops and nuzzling the ultra-sensitive bottom curves, whispering nonsensical lover’s words, which calmed her.

Then between Colby’s concentration on her br**sts and Trevor’s patient attention to her clit, she was awash in pure pleasure. Pain subsided. And before she knew it she started bumping back into Trevor’s cock, hinting for a deeper thrust.

He forged forward, and then pulled back. During his slow retreat, Channing wiggled down on Colby’s shaft and raised up as Trevor eased in. They built a steady rhythm and the intense burning feeling took a different, pleasurable turn. When the head of Trevor’s c**k brushed against Colby’s through the thin tissue separating them, the pace slowed.

She arched at the response of her body, tingles chased by an intimate throbbing deep within those tissues. She groaned out loud.

Trevor said, “Does that feel good? You ready for more?”


“Use my c**k to f**k yourself however you want,” Colby said against the hollow of her throat, the tease of his urgent whisper turned her skin into a mass of goose bumps. “Show me what you like. Show me how I can f**k you next time, when it’s just us.”

Channing lifted her head and closed her eyes, giving herself to the moment, as Trevor picked up the pace and hit that secret gland on every hard forward thrust. Colby suckled her ni**les until she thought his undivided, unrelenting attention to her br**sts alone would set her off.

Plunge. Retreat. A back-and-forth play of peek-a-boo of two hard cocks. The strokes became shorter. Faster. Harder.

“I’m close, Chan. Are you?” Trevor asked.

“Me too, darlin’. Grind down into me,” Colby panted. “Then when I tell you, squeeze me hard.”

Trevor slammed in one last time, his hands like steel bands around her h*ps as he came. Grunting. Holding perfectly still as her tight anal muscles milked him. She felt the pulse of his cock, but with the condom, not that hot burst of moisture.

Colby angled his h*ps and winced. “Faster. Hell yeah. Fucking you is a dream. Bear down.”

The second she did, her orgasm blindsided her. The muscles in her anus contracted around Trevor’s cock, still jammed high in her ass. As Colby’s orgasm rocketed through him, she swore she felt the throbbing tip of his c**k in the back of her throat. Tasted it actually. Then the rasp of his pubic hair over her cl*t triggered another, stronger pulsating peak and she screamed from the most overpowering, debilitating, mind-blowing orgasm of her life.

At the last minute, when she’d fallen from that hazy place of sheer bliss, she remembered not to crumple onto Colby’s chest. She stayed stiff, her head hanging low, her hair pooling on the bed above Colby’s head.

Trevor pulled out first. He sank his teeth into the curve where her shoulder met her neck and trailed kisses along the slope until she shivered.

“Thank you. I hope it was all you wanted it to be. It sure was all that for me. You are one sexy, fine woman.” He staggered from the sleeping compartment and out of the trailer.

Channing sucked in another ragged breath, not able to think beyond the tremors still wracking her body.

“Channing? Darlin’?”

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