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Normally, I would’ve argued with him about why he had to have a mix CD to get him in the mood to do something as specific and rare as packing, but I was on a mission. When I went into the bathroom, I left him grooving to Robert Palmer while tossing some of his graphic novels into a cardboard box.

After the shower I slipped on my sexy lingerie. Last month, Mae had given me a credit card and let me loose on the internet. I went to Fredricks of Hollywood, and I spotted this little number. Dark purple, lacy, and sheer, it had a baby doll top with matching panties. My stomach twisted with excitement and nerves, and I opened the bathroom door.

The wall was open, revealing the secret closet where Jack had his thousands of DVD’s. He filled up a box with his movies, and he was too busy singing and dancing along to the music to notice me. I did a sexy lean up against the doorframe, and I didn’t really want to move and ruin it, so I had to wait for him to notice me.

“I’m probably gonna have to buy like a massive entertainment center for all these movies,” Jack said, staring up at his DVD’s. It overwhelmed him for a minute, so he sighed, and finally turned back to look at me. I have no idea what he was planning to say, but his jaw fell open and his eyes widened. “Holy hell.”

“Is that a good holy hell?” I blushed deeply, and I had never felt so self-conscious in my entire life. Maybe this was a really bad idea.

“Yeah.” He seemed to recover a bit and smiled at me. “What’s all this for?”

“You know.” I bit my lip and looked up at him, hoping he would catch the gigantic hint and wouldn’t make me spell it aloud. I took a step closer to him, but Savage Garden singing “Truly Madly Deeply” threw off the mood. “Can you change the song?”

“Oh, yeah.” He clumsily grabbed the remote off the bed, almost dropping it, and flicked the song to the next track. It was Panic ! at the Disco’s “Lying is the Most Fun,” and while I wasn’t sure how it was an upbeat jam, I liked it a lot more. “Better?”

“Much,” I nodded.

Jack walked over to me. The butterflies in my stomach made it hard for his emotions to overpower me, but they finally managed to. Intense and yearning, his hunger radiated off of him like heat. He stood in front of me, taking me in a way that made me uncomfortable, and he exhaled deeply. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I crossed my arms over my body, trying to cover myself up.

“No, don’t do that!” Jack protested more loudly than he meant to. I lowered my arms, and he touched my cheek, then moved his fingers back to my hair. “You are so gorgeous. What are you doing with me?”

“I love you,” I whispered.

“I am a very lucky man,” Jack murmured then bent in to kiss me.

As soon as his mouth found mine, I felt this surge rush through me. This was Jack, and I loved him more than anything else. I had gotten so caught up in being of afraid of sex that I forgot why exactly I wanted to do it.

Kissing him, his familiar taste, the way his lips worked against mine… I wanted him desperately. I pulled him tightly to me, and we stumbled back towards the bed. I fell back on it and looked up at him.

“Are you sure you want this?” Jack asked huskily.

In response, I reached up and pulled off his shirt. He was breathtaking, and I kissed his bare chest and smiled up at him. His skin already smoldered hot on my lips, and that was all the encouragement he needed.

The weight of his body pressed against mine. His heart hammered in his chest, and I could feel it pounding in time with mine. Instinctively, my body pushed against his, and I tightened my fingers in his hair, pushing his lips harder to me. Fervently, he kissed me, and I trembled with anticipation.

His mouth trailed down my neck, and I moaned breathily. It wasn’t until I felt his lips pressed  against my veins that I realized how badly I wanted him to bite me. He was so hungry for it, for me, so I tilted my head back, exposing more of my throat.

The sharp pain of his teeth was over before I felt it, and hot ecstasy spread away from my neck. I felt his heart thudding in my own chest, above my heart, that double beat that made it feel like he was inside me.

In some kind of twisted pleasure, I could taste him in mouth, the tangy, honey taste of his blood, and my own bloodlust for him surged. Wanting him that badly while he had me, it was agony and bliss all rolled in one. I could feel the edges of myself waning, blackening. My body threatened to lose control, black out and give into the thirst.

What kept me from giving in was feeling how much he loved me. It flowed through my veins. It came from him, but it felt like it came from inside me. I was everything to him, and he was pure joy. I had never felt closer or more in love with him.

A tiny jolt ripped into me, and I gasped painfully. My body suddenly felt cold and alone, as result of the separation when he stopped biting me. Before I could even tell how empty I felt, his mouth was on mine. I could taste my blood on his lips, and that did strange things to me. I pressed him even tighter against me, desperate for the burning heat of his skin.

I felt his hand, strong and sure on my hip, and his fingers looped in my panties, sliding them down. I sat up a bit so I could peel off the negligee, and his arms were around me, pushing his bare skin against mine. His intensity was overwhelming, but it only made me want him more. I lay back down on the bed, and he looked me in the eye.

“I really do love you,” Jack said breathlessly, brushing my hair back from my forehead.

Then I felt him, sliding inside of me, and my breath caught in my throat. It hurt more than I expected it to, but within seconds, any pain was a forgotten memory. I buried my fingers in his back and pushed him against me. He kissed my mouth, my neck, my shoulders, everything he could reach, and I moaned against him.

Never in my life had I felt as whole or complete as I did then. I felt as if I had been made just for him, just for this. Pleasure exploded inside of me, and I bit my lip to keep from screaming.

Gasping for breath, he relaxed, but he propped himself up so he wouldn’t put the full of weight of his body on me. He rested his forehead against my shoulder and tried to gain some composure. When he gently kissed my collar bone, my skin trembled underneath his lips.

My whole body glowed happiness, and I felt dazed and weak. My vision was blurred and hazy, and I knew that my stomach should ache with hunger, but I just couldn’t feel it.

“Was that okay?” Jack asked, looking at me.

“Yeah. That was the most incredible thing I’ve ever felt.” I smiled up at him and touched his face. He suddenly looked too marvelous to be real. “Did you enjoy it?”

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