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“Yeah, it was the night you snuck into my room,” I said. He had done more than just sneak in that night.

“And I bit you.” His eyes shifted, and his heartbeat changed. He had deep emotions buried in with biting me, but I couldn’t tell what they were. “Your blood tasted of Jack, and… so I didn’t want you to have the book anymore.”

“This is your book, isn’t it?” I stopped taunting him. “I mean, you wrote this, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” he said quietly. “So you can understand why I wouldn’t want you to have it after everything that happened with Jack.”

“I do.” I held the book out to him so he would take it, but he just stared at it for a moment then looked up at me.

“Do you still want to read it?”

“Only if you wouldn’t mind.”

“I don’t think it really matters to you what I mind.” His voice was barely audible, and he turned away from me, leaning his back against his bed.

“That’s not fair, Peter! I’ve been doing everything I possibly can to make it up to you!”

“I know you have,” he sighed. “Just take the book. Read it. It’ll take your mind off how hungry you are so you can finally fuck Jack.”

My jaw dropped. That was what I was trying to do, but he didn’t need to throw it in my face like that, making it sound dirty and bad. It hurt and pissed me off, so I threw the book at his chest and stormed past him.

“Alice, wait!” Peter groaned and grabbed my arm, stopping me from escaping his room. “I’m sorry. That was uncalled for.”

“You’ve gotta meet me half way.” I was almost pleading with him. “I have been trying and trying. And even Jack is trying. But you gotta help me out here. You’ve gotta…” I trailed off and looked away.

“Why is it so important to you that I forgive you?” Peter asked.

That really was the question at the heart of it all. Why did it matter to me so much what Peter thought of me? It wasn’t even just about getting him and Jack to repair their relationship or making amends for damaging the family. It was something more than that, something that I couldn’t quite explain.

“Why did you come back?” I whispered, unwilling to look at him. His hand burned warm on my arm, and I knew that I should shake it away, but I didn’t.

“You asked me to.”

“No, not from Finland. I mean that night that you took the book. You’d been gone for months, and then, suddenly, one night, you appeared in my room and you drank my blood.” I bit my lip, and I didn’t know why I was asking. Or why I’d even care about that night. “Did you really want my blood that badly?”

“Your blood is divine,” he admitted sadly. “But I always wanted more than that.” He exhaled huskily. “What is it about you? You were more than just a human, and even now that I’m not bonded with you…” He trailed off, but I finally lifted my eyes to meet his. “Why can’t I resist you?”

I inhaled deeply, breathing him in when I should’ve been running away. His skin scorched against mine, but I felt my own body hurrying to match his temperature. His green eyes burned so intensely I couldn’t look away. The sound of his heartbeat rippled through me.

The air was so thick with the scent and feel of him that I could almost taste it, and I wanted to taste him. I wanted him in the most visceral way.

Suddenly his lips were on mine, and I can’t say if I moved to him or if he moved to me, but I definitely didn’t resist. His kisses were rough and soft all at once. Burying my fingers in his thick, silky hair, I pulled myself as close to him as I could get. His muscles were like granite forming to my body, and he wrapped his arms around me, crushing me to him. His mouth tasted amazingly sweet, and I wanted more.

The blinding hunger surged through me, mixing bloodlust with passion. All my sense were blurring together into one. I could taste what I felt, and I couldn’t see anything. My pulse pounded in time with his, heavy and warm.

And he smelled so delicious I could barely stand it. My body literally burned for him, like my skin was covered in flames and the only relief would come if I bit him.

He kissed me ferociously, and almost playfully I pressed my teeth against his lip. I didn’t bite him, but I tested the waters to see if I could.

Peter moaned, and the sound of his voice radiated through me. He would gladly let me bite him, let me drink the wonderful elixir that flowed through him, and I wanted him so badly it was painful.

- 20 -

Just before my teeth sunk into him, something inside me had a moment of sanity and screamed Jack.

I’d like to say that just like that, I snapped out of it, but I didn’t. Thinking of Jack made me hesitate before I bit Peter, but it didn’t change how badly I wanted to.

Everything about Peter was designed so I’d want him. His blood, his touch, his smell, really had been meant for me. I loved Jack, but the physical shell of Peter was everything my body had been made to want.

Somehow, I managed to free my mouth from his, but I stayed in his arms, holding him to me. Peter started kissing my neck, and as wonderful as it would feel to have him bite me, I did not want to be bitten. I was starving, and losing more blood would only make it worse.

In the end, it was my intense hunger that saved me.

“No,” I moaned and tried to detangle myself from his arms. Either he didn’t hear me or he didn’t want to listen, because he kept hanging on to me, his lips trailing down the sensitive skin of my throat. “Peter! No!”

When I pushed at him, he let go of me, but I wasn’t stable on my feet so I stumbled backwards. In the mess of kissing him, my hair had somehow come free from its messy bun, and it fell around my face, blocking my already blurred vision.

The hunger and the intensity of kissing Peter left me feeling dizzy and strange. It was almost like being drunk. I was weak, and my eyesight was wrong. Everything had this hazy red edge to it, but that was from the bloodlust.

“I can’t do that,” I shook my head and my voice came out weak.

“I’m sorry.” Peter tried to catch his breath, but he wouldn’t look at me.

I fought the urge to pounce on him again, and I think he struggled just as badly. To avoid temptation, he turned and walked out on the balcony.

When he was gone, I grabbed onto the bed to keep from collapsing. The actual passion of the moment was fading away, but the bloodlust refused. If I didn’t eat something soon, I would go mad and slaughter something. A dark animal part of me threatened to surface, and I had to contain it.

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