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Author: Olivia Cunning

She winked at him. “That’s my secret.” And yes, that did explain her knowledge. Eric understood and she scarcely knew him. She’d been married to Jeremy for three years and anytime she wanted to try something new, he’d been certain she was cheating on him.

“Wil you show me your secret?” He leaned forward in the tub.

She laughed. “You wish.”

“Damn straight.”

“I can’t, Eric. I promised not to hurt Brian.”

Eric scowled. “You did what?”

“Trey made me promise not to hurt him.”

“Wel , you’l never be able to keep that promise, Myr, so you might as wel break it with me right now.”

She shook her head at him, smiling. “I’m not going to stick my fingers up your ass.”

He sighed. “That figures. Wil you let me watch you masturbate though?”

“I’m not real y in the mood.”

“Even with the sound of Brian’s solo coming through the wal ? He wrote that when he was ramming his cock into you. I saw it.”

She squeezed her thighs together at the memory. Eric was right. Brian had written that wonderful, poetic solo while he’d been making love to her. She leaned back against the far edge of the tub, the warm Jacuzzi jets against her back. She closed her eyes and listened to the sounds of Brian’s guitar as if he played just for her. Someday soon, thousands of fans would hear, and love, that beautiful string of notes, and have no idea how it had been created. She let the music carry her back to his lovemaking as he played the same string of notes over and over and over again. With each repeat, the piece sounded more masterful. As his fingers found each note, she imagined his cock inside her, fil ing her, withdrawing, fil ing her. Her hand moved between her legs. She sighed. How could she want him again already?

But want him she did.

She stood, water pouring from her body as she stepped from the tub. Eric banged the side of his head against the wal repeatedly as he watched her leave the bathroom. Naked.

Dripping water through the hotel room, she sought Brian. Caught up in his music, he didn’t notice her at first, but his band members, who sat around the dining table watching him play, did.

Trey pul ed the sucker out of his mouth. “Um, Myrna,” he said. “You seem to be naked.”

“Everybody get out,” she demanded.

Brian’s guitar screeched as he quit playing mid-solo. His eyes widened in surprise.

“Except you,” she said to Brian. “You stay.”

The other three men grumbled, but obeyed her and left the room.

“Why are you walking around in front of my band naked?” Brian asked, his jaw tense with anger.

“I was listening to you play,” she said, “and it made me want you so badly. I considered getting myself off, but I’d rather—”

He grinned. “My playing made you touch yourself?”

She lowered her gaze. “Wil you play for me?”

“If you show me what my playing does to you.”

Myrna pushed the remaining breakfast dishes to the far end of the table. She then sat on the edge of the table in front of Brian, turned a chair sideways and rested her feet on the seat. “If you promise to make love to me when you’re done playing.”

He didn’t promise, but he did strike the first note of his guitar solo. She spread her thighs wide, knowing he had an unfettered view of everything between her legs. It made her hotter for him. She wanted him to see. She leaned back on one elbow and slid three fingers inside herself, her fluids dripping over the back of her hand as she plunged them deep and withdrew them, plunged them inside. She withdrew them again and shifted one finger to her ass, fil ing both holes with a groan. She fel back on the table, freeing her other hand to rub her clit. Brian’s solo was building, his fingers moving over the notes faster and faster as she stroked herself toward orgasm.

“Brian,” she gasped. “Brian!”

His solo stopped and his guitar landed somewhere on the floor with a clang. He tossed the chair aside and struggled with the fly of his pants. When his cock sprang free, he pushed her hands aside and plunged into her. She lifted her head to look at him and then dropped it back onto the table with a bang as her back arched in pleasure.

“Good God, woman. What are you doing to me?” he groaned. He fucked her harder than ever, cursing under his breath as if she’d made him angry. He shifted her hips off the table slightly, which gave him the leverage to slam into her even harder. It hurt so good. His bal s slapped against her ass with each penetrating thrust, teasing her into wanting something a little dirtier.

“We eat on that table, you know,” someone yel ed from the other room.

Brian paused in mid-thrust. She looked up at him. His face was red with exertion. Hair sticking to his sweaty forehead. Mmm. Gorgeous man.

“Trey has a point,” he said.

He pul ed out and Myrna groaned in protest. He dropped to his knees between her legs and plunged his tongue inside her. He gripped her thighs as he ate her out. Sucking, biting, licking, probing her cunt, her ass, her cunt again with his tongue. She couldn’t keep track of his chaotic motions, could only focus on the excitement and pleasure it drew from her trembling body. When his mouth shifted to her clit, she cried out with release. “God, yes, Brian. Yes! Yes!” Her juices dripped down the crack of her ass. He lapped up every drop.

“What are you doing to her?” someone cal ed from the other room.

“He’s eating,” Myrna yel ed. “Don’t bother him.”

There was a smattering of laughter from beyond the dining room. Brian stood up and smiled down at her crookedly. His lips were wet and swol en. She rose up to kiss him. The taste of her fluids on his lips made her bel y quiver. She grabbed his cock and guided it inside her body, shifting forward to force him deeper. He thrust into her gently but not deeply enough to do anything but drive her mad with anticipation. He kissed her deeply though, his tongue mingling with hers. He pul ed away and looked down at her, his eyes glazed with passion.

“Brian,” she whispered. “Wil you do something for me?”


“Fuck me in the ass.”

“You like anal? I’m not very good at—”

She covered his lips with her fingertips. “I’ve never tried it. I want to try different things with you. Is that okay?”

He made a sound of amusement against her fingertips. “I’m game for anything, sweetheart.”

Her mind began to flip through al the dirty fantasies she had, but had never been able to fulfil . “Anything?”


“Just this for now. Wil it hurt?”

“It might. I’m not real y built for it, you know?”

“You are huge.” She trailed her fingers over his bare chest. She’d been craving pleasurable pain from him al day. Why hesitate?

“But I don’t want you to be gentle. I want you to hurt me.”

His eyes widened in surprise. “Seriously?”

“Yes.” She pushed him away, her heart pounding with excitement and a little fear. She turned around and bent over the table, using her hands to spread her ass cheeks. He lowered his head and licked her hole, wetting it with as much saliva as he could. When he stopped, she looked at him over her shoulder. He tore open a condom from his pants pocket, applied it and stood behind her. She forced herself to relax, waiting in anticipation for his huge cock to fil her forbidden hole. He rubbed the head of his cock over the puckered flesh and gently pressed forward. She bit her lip to stop herself from crying out. Surely his penis had enlarged three times its normal size. She grunted as he pressed deeper. She released her ass cheeks and reached her arms in front of her, her fingertips digging into the hard smooth table surface.

“Ow,” she gasped.

“I’l stop,” he said.

“No, don’t stop. We just need—”

A tube slid across the table toward her and she caught it. “Lubrication,” she said grateful y.

“Dude, so not cool. Lube is always needed for backdoor entry.” Trey stuck his sucker back in his mouth and left the room.

“Thank you, Trey,” Myrna cal ed.

She handed the tube to Brian and waited while he applied it to his cock and used his fingers to spread it inside her. “Does it bother you that they’re out there listening to everything we’re doing?” Brian asked. Them being there made her feel that much dirtier. She didn’t want to pretend to be pure. Jeremy had always expected that of her and she hated everything about that man. “If it bothered me, I’d have taken you into a room with a door.”

He chuckled. “I do think I’m in love with you.”

She tensed. No, don’t say that. He pressed deeper. “Ah, God,” she gasped, squeezing her eyes tightly closed. She couldn’t take any more. It burned. Deeper. She bit her lip, tears streaming down her face, the pressure inside her painful and thril ing at the same time.

“Are you sure about this?” Brian asked.

She wasn’t. It hurt pretty badly, even with the lube, but she nodded, several tears splashing down onto the table in front of her. He started to withdraw and the pain was instantly replaced by blinding pleasure. “Mmmmm,” she purred. He pressed forward again. Even deeper this time. The pain receded to a heavy ful ness. Not pleasurable exactly. Strange. He backed away. A feeling of relief. Definitely pleasurable.

“It feels so good when you pul out,” she gasped. But to pul out, he had to slide in. He pressed forward again. The pain of his penetration blended with the pleasure of his withdraw. She gasped and shifted her legs further apart to give him better access.

“That’s it, baby.” He took her slowly for a few more strokes, al owing her body to adjust to his size, and when she was able to take him completely without whimpering, he leaned over her and rested his fists on the table. His strokes increased in speed and her pussy ached for its neglect as his bal s bounced against her throbbing labia and clit. He fucked her harder now, the pain intense, but the pleasure ten times sweeter. She sobbed from the excitement of it.

“Are you crying?” He paused and leaned over her shoulder to look at her.

She hid her face in her hands. “Don’t stop now,” she pleaded, her voice hitching.

“You are crying.”

“I like it, Brian. Don’t stop. Do it hard. Please. Hurt me. I’m so dirty. I’m so fucking dirty. Punish me.”

He dropped a tender kiss on her shoulder. “You’re not dirty, sweetheart. You’re beautiful. Tel me when you’ve had enough.”

He slowed his strokes, not backing off on how deep he took her, just how quickly. Her thighs quivered. Slow was better. She could take this languid pain without sobbing.

“This feels nice, Myr, but I don’t hear music.” He reached around her and stroked her clit until she sputtered with an orgasm that left her entirely disoriented. He pul ed out. “I know you crave pain because I made you feel like a whore.”

How did he know that? She lifted her body from the table and turned to look at him. She opened her mouth to protest. He covered her lips with his fingers.

“That voyeuristic stuff was hot, Myrna, but I’d rather treasure you. I don’t think you understand how beautiful you are. How amazing your lack of inhibition is. How wonderful…” He seemed to realize he’d said too much. Her heart twanged. Sweet sex god. “Thank you,” she whispered.

He kissed her cheek, and stripped himself of the condom before forcing his hard cock back into his pants. He handed her the towel he’d worn out of the bathroom.

“And it might not bother you to run around naked in front of my band mates, but I don’t like it.”

She nodded and wrapped the towel around her body.

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