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Author: Sawyer Bennett

Genres: Romance

Views: 4122

Series: Legal Affairs #4

Published: February 19th 2014


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Mitigation (Legal Affairs #4)

I’ve seen a new side to Matt Connover. He’s proven to me that there is something inside him other than icy control and masculine force.
I’ve seen care… tenderness… even protectiveness.
I’ve seen vulnerability.
But Matt Connover’s issues run deep. I know Cal hurt him deeply, and he keeps himself protected because of that. I also sense there is something more to his pain that even I cannot comprehend.
Matt is struggling between what he knows and what he wants.
I’m struggling with boundaries and how to protect my own fragile heart.
This time I’m drawing a line in the sand and Matt can either step over to join me, or these Legal Affairs are finished forever.

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