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Author: Sabrina Paige

Genres: Romance

Views: 6583

Series: A Step Brother Romance #2

Published: April 7th 2015


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Tool (A Step Brother Romance #2)

I call him “Tool” because he’s a dick.
Gaige O’Neal is nicknamed “Tool” because of what he’s packing. Rumor is, he’s well equipped.
I wouldn’t know. I’ve never had the pleasure.
He’s a cocky, entitled, insufferable a**hole who’s as reckless with women as he is with that stupid motorcycle he races.
He’s also my stepbrother. Lucky me.
It’s been four years since I’ve seen him. Four years since he’s made me so frustrated I could scream. Four years since he’s given me that look, the one that makes me instantly wet.
So it’s just f**ing fitting that the first time I see him in four years, he’s buried beneath three scantily clad blondes.
Now I’m stuck here under the same roof with him while he recovers from a racing injury. An injury that clearly hasn’t affected the use of his tool.
The problem is, as much as I despise him, I just can’t help myself. I want to find out what kind of tool he's working with. 

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