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The Bourne Supremacy

The Bourne Supremacy

Author: Robert Ludlum

Genres: Science Fiction , Thriller

Views: 1977

Series: Jason Bourne #2

Published: 2004


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The Bourne Supremacy (Jason Bourne #2)

Speaking of the shadowy world of Jason Bourne, an expert assassin still plagued by the splintered nightmares from his previous life. Currently, the stakes become the highest ever, and the one who is supposed to be the ruthless killer need to be stopped or will have to  pay for a devastating price. To overcome, the real Jason Bourne must manage to get through the dangerous labyrinth of international espionage—an unusual world filled with CIA plots, turncoat agents, and ever-shifting alliances—with a hope of finding out the truth behind his haunted memories and the answers to his own disjointed. There are now up to two Bournes—and one of them  must die. 

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