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Blue Moon

Blue Moon

Author: Laurell K. Hamilton

Genres: Fantasy , Horror

Views: 1234

Series: Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #8

Published: November 1st 1998


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Blue Moon (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #8)

Blue Moon (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #8)

When she chose master vampire Jean-Claude over her ex-fiancé, alpha werewolf Richard Zeeman, Anita learned that sometimes love is not enough. But though she and Richard won’t be walking down any aisles, she can’t turn her back on him when he’s arrested on a rape charge in Tennessee. Anita knows firsthand that Richard has the morals of a saint—or at least a boy scout. But his guilt or innocence is not the issue. He’s behind bars, and in five days a full moon will rise…

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