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Real Vampires Live Large

Real Vampires Live Large

Author: Gerry Bartlett

Genres: Fantasy , Romance

Views: 381

Series: Glory St. Clair #2

Published: July 3rd 2007


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Real Vampires Live Large (Glory St. Clair #2)

Real Vampires Live Large (Glory St. Clair #2)

It's not easy to keep a boyfriend, run a business, and survive for centuries as one of the immortal undead. Glory St. Clair knows-ever since a sexy Scottish vampire bit her while she was a tad...bloated. But when a frustrated vampire hunter firebombs her vintage clothing boutique, she's ready to pitch a fit. Then her long-time, part-time lover takes off in a rage to hunt the hunter and prove himself worthy of her. And that's only the beginning of her troubles.

The Energy Vampires want her-and not in a good way. They're paranormal drug dealers, selling thrills to those who've lived for ages, been everywhere, and done everything...and they want to suck Glory dry. But it'll take more than a few super-suckers to get the goods out of her.

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