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Kiss of Darkness

Kiss of Darkness

Author: Heather Graham

Genres: Romance , Mystery

Views: 1005

Series: Alliance Vampires #7

Published: January 1st 2006


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Kiss of Darkness (Alliance Vampires #7)

Kiss Of Darkness (Alliance Vampires #7)

The woods have always been full of whispers in Transylvania, of terrors that go back centuries to the legendary Vlad Dracul himself. Ignoring their professor's grave warning—beware those who would prey upon the innocent—several visiting students travel into the forest…and disappear. Now their professor, Bryan McAllister, believes that a dark cult is at work—and that their next gathering will happen in America.

When psychologist Jessica Fraser is approached by Bryan for her assistance, she is hesitant. Something about Bryan unnerves Jessica deeply, yet she cannot ignore the incredible pull she feels toward him. Now, as reluctant allies, they unite to seek the truth. The search takes them from the forested mountains to dimly lit clubs in New Orleans' French Quarter, where perversion goes beyond sexual to life-threatening.

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