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Blue Twilight

Blue Twilight

Author: Maggie Shayne

Genres: Fantasy , Romance

Views: 428

Series: Wings in the Night #11

Published: 2005


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Blue Twilight (Wings in the Night #11)

Blue Twilight (Wings in the Night #11)

The idyllic town of Endover, New Hampshire, looks innocent. But below its surface a thirst and a desire both powerful and ancient boil fiercely. When two girls go missing, only one person can delve deep enough to find them - Maxine Stuart, a private investigator who has finally started to believe.

"Mad Maxie" understands why she was asked to help - no living mortal knows as much about the undead as she. But the dark force controlling Endover can see all, and will use Maxine's knowledge against her to strengthen his hold on the town. Not even the influence of Lou Malone, the man Maxie most desires, can convince her to abandon the crusade against a madman's yearning for power...and resurrected love.

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