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Twilight Phantasies

Twilight Phantasies

Author: Maggie Shayne

Genres: Fantasy , Romance

Views: 1033

Series: Wings in the Night #1

Published: 1993


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Twilight Phantasies (Wings in the Night #1)

Twilight Phantasies (Wings in the Night #1)

In two centuries of living death, Eric Marquand had never once cried out against the cruel fate that had condemned him to walk forever in shadow. But then, he found the woman he knew was his chosen one--and understood that to possess her was to destroy her...

Tamara Dey trembled at the aura of dread and despair that enshrouded this creature of the night. And yet, against all reason, she saw clearly that her destiny was eternally entwined with his, and that she must know--even welcome--the terror and the splendor of the vampire's kiss...

For centuries, loneliness has haunted them from dusk till dawn. Yet now, from out of the darkness, shines the light of eternal life...eternal love.

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