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Author: Shannon West

Genres: Romance , Mystery

Views: 1996

Series: Dark Hollow Wolf Pack #9

Published: July 1st 2013


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Bloodlust (Dark Hollow Wolf Pack #9)

Bloodlust (Dark Hollow Wolf Pack #9)

Forty miles east of New Orleans, dog tired and out of money, nineteen year old Jax and his little brother are on the run. They stop for breakfast at a roadside café and have a run-in with the leader of a tough looking motorcycle gang. His name is Cade D’Allisande, an alpha wolf leading his pack to a new home in North Carolina, hoping to join the Dark Hollow Wolf Pack. Cade instantly recognizes his bloodlust mate, an intense and rare blood match that forms an alpha pair. The trouble is Cade isn’t ready for a mate. Unable to leave him behind, he convinces the young man to join their group and takes him with them on their journey to find a new home. But once there, an old enemy of the Pack threatens their happiness, and Jax, Nicky and Gabe must team up to save their mates.

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