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Dearest Mother of Mine

Dearest Mother of Mine

Author: John Corwin

Genres: Fantasy , Young Adult

Views: 468

Series: Overworld Chronicles #6

Published: December 16th 2013


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Dearest Mother of Mine (Overworld Chronicles #6)

Dearest Mother of Mine (Overworld Chronicles #6)


When Justin finds out Daelissa plans to use his mother, Alysea, to reopen the gateway between the mortal and Seraphim realms, he decides it's high time to mount a rescue operation. But she's being held by Jeremiah Conroy, the most dangerous and secretive Arcane in the Overworld.

Of course, Justin's got even more problems when he accidentally kills the brother of Maulin Kassus. Who happens to be the leader of the Black Robe Brotherhood, deadly expert battle mages. And Kassus wants revenge.

If Justin can't locate the Conroys and avoid the Arcane mafia, not only will he never see his mother again, but Daelissa will be one step closer to world domination.

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