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The Vampire Armand

The Vampire Armand

Author: Anne Rice

Genres: Horror , Fantasy

Views: 552

Series: The Vampire Chronicles #6

Published: 1998


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The Vampire Armand (The Vampire Chronicles #6)

The Vampire Armand (The Vampire Chronicles #6)

Armand until now has played a small role in the Vampire Chronicles. Here he assumes center stage, relating his five hundred years of life to fledgling vampire David Talbot, who plays amanuensis to Armand as he did to Lestat ... It's not just the epic plot but Rice's voluptuary worldview that's the main attraction ... Elegant narrative has always been her hallmark ... Rice is equally effective in showing how Armand eventually loses his religion and becomes "the vagabond angel child of Satan," living under Paris cemeteries and foundling the Grand Guignol-ish Theatre des Vampires. In the twentieth century, a rehabilitated Armand regains faith but falls in love with two children who save his life. By the conclusion of Armand, the pupil has become the mentor.

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