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The Forbidden Game: The Kill

The Forbidden Game: The Kill

Author: L.J. Smith

Genres: Fantasy , Young Adult

Views: 441

Series: The Forbidden Game #3

Published: July 1st 1994


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The Forbidden Game: The Kill (The Forbidden Game #3)

This book was the best! i just read it again (for about the hundredth time *S*) and i cried as much as when i read it the first time. is it just me... or was julian the hottest character?!? wow!!! why on earth did jenny choose tom over julian? tom was nice yeah, but he was kinda boring and plain. julian was so compelling and seductive, i wish he was real! forget about jenny, if he wanted a girl that could appreciate him... *S* i'm not obsessed with him or anything, and i know he's just fiction, but LJS has created a truly unforgettable character. the endind of this book was soooo sad! when julian died i was crying so much. at the beginning he was the typical "bad guy," but at the end he proved himself worthy. he actually gave up his existance (can't say life can i?) to save jenny...

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